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Found in 2005, DXC PACK is an innovative printer and converter of flexible packaging for the food and non-food industries, mainly printed Automatic film rolls, pouches and bags.
Our factory is designed and built according to international plant standards which is 300-thousand grade purification workshop. Our processes include High level of Flexo, High Resolution Gravure technologies that ensure the best possible print quality; Lamination lines including dry lamination and extruded lamination with an annual production capacity surpassed 5,000 Tons. Advance bag-making machines include “Zip-Pak” Resealable Packaging Machine to providing quality bags with wide range types and sizes.
DXC is continuously pursuit of new developments in packaging formats, printing technologies and supply chain solutions. We enjoy being challenged: continual improvement, developing new films, testing, adapting, measuring and finding the perfect match for your process. DXC is your complete packaging partner providing you with excellence in flexible packaging solutions.


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    Chinese New Year is coming! From February 9 to February 25,We will have a vacation during this period of celebration.   Read More>

  • 20kg quad seal pet food bag with Top slider zipper

    20kg quad seal pet food bag with Top slider zipper Quad sealed Pet food bags are side gusset bags with four main panels for product branding. They are made from 2-4 layers laminated material structure, providing good strength and visual impact as well as good palletization due to welded corners. D   Read More>

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    This Site is the Only Official Website of Foshan DXC Packaging Co.,Ltd Several un-official, un-authorised private websites try to mimic an official website of Foshan DXC Packaging Co.,Ltd. Please kindly note that DXC only owns this websites:, DXC only owns this email suffix "@   Read More>

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    DXC PACK Bag Making Specification Limited   Read More>

Case Display

Makes You Bag Stand Out!

Kraft Window - Custom Design

"Kraft bag with window" isn't a tough technology now, we could see window with common shape like oval, square, round in the market, but if every supplier could help you to make special window? You have idea, we have technology, let us help you to make the more special pouches that others hard to copy.

De-Metalized Window

Think of Special customized pouches,which others difficult of copy? Maybe try this Metalized pouch?
1.Customized Window 
2.Registered matte varnish 
3.Stand up pouch with zipper shape
4.Laser score easy open

Hot Stamp Printing

Hot Stamp Printing allows your company to package your product with a custom solution that creates brand recognition that your customers and potential customer will remember. A clear and simple attention-grabbing design provides an immediate connection with your audience. Make your brand stand out with our Hot Stamp Printing solution.

WICOVALVE®-World's Most Reliable Degassing Valve

Air,moisture,sun light and high temperature are four enemies of fresh coffee. Only a good one way degassing valve is good for keeping coffee fresh and maximizing the coffee’s life! 
DXC Pack is the WICOVALVE® China Exclusive Agent!

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