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Recyclable Packaging solutions

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Recyclable Packaging solutions

DXC Recyclable Bags are made with level 4 recyclable LDPE or level 5 recyclable PP materials, they have been created to deliver the same protection of for your products as ordinary flexible packaging bags, ensuring your goods stay at optimum freshness and offering exceptional versatility in a solution designed to be recyclable. The bags materials also meet food contact regulation requirements in both America and Europe.

What range we offer in recyclable pouches?

General flexible pouches types like Stand Up Pouches,Flat Bottom Pouches, Side Gusset Pouche and 3 sides sealed Pouches are available.

DXC Recyclable Bag Advantages

DXC recyclable barrier bag just only PE material and used EVOH coating on it for barrier function.

EVOH is imported from Amcor, its OTR and WVTR both within 2.0, so it's very closed to Aluminum but eco-friendly.

Fully Recyclable

Our pouches are made from level 4 recyclable LDPE materials. This means they are a mono polymer and easily recycled compared to mixed plastics.

Heat sealable

LDPE as heat seal layer.

LDPE have better temperature resistance and toughness, the temperature range that can be used is -50~120℃.

It can withstand frozen and boiling water temperature and have a wider range of applications AND  more convenient for storage, transportation and use in marine, hotter environments.)

Round Corner

The round corner is not only more perfect but also not harm to hand compare with sharp square corner.

More DXC Recyclable Bag Features

·Zipper Options

A.Press to closed zipper

B. Pocket zipper(many other packaging bag factories can't do this pocket zipper on recyclable bags well)

C. Tin Tie

·Laser Score(Easy to tear and smoothly)

·Hot stamp printing(Make your bags stand out)

·Custom window(transparent window is allowed to visit the product inside the pouch,but PE transparent is not high clear compare with BOPP/CPP)

·Multi colors printing(9 colors directly print on recyclable material, include matte or glossy ink)

·Matte and Glossy mixed printing

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