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Retort Pouches

The retort pouches are made of special laminates to protect food from spills, punctures, and external contaminants. The retort packaging is a unique form of stand up pouch used for cook-in-a-bag meals and sides, such as soups, rice, sauces, and pasta dishes. Because of its strength, flexibility and light weight, the retort pouches has become a widely used method to replace the traditional canned food, to keep food fresh for many years. Our retort pouches are made of high quality raw material, help to improve food quality, texture, flavor and aroma. As the retort pouch is resistant to elevated temperatures, so you can heat it directly in a microwave oven. Retort pouches can be customized using a advanced printing process that creates rich, vibrant designs on the outer layer of the retort package. If you want to see more kinds of retort pouches, you can browse the list of our retort pouches products.

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