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Spout Pouches

Spouted pouches are becoming more prevalent across many industries due to advances in flexible packaging materials. As a professional packs supplier in China, we provide customers with various materials of spout pouches, such as aluminium spout pouches, plastic spout pouches, spout food pouches and Kraft paper spout pouches. And most of our spouted pouches can stand up by themselves. The stand up spout pouches offer not only the protection and convenience that consumers require but also provide additional features that benefit both your customers and you. The fact that these spout pouches can protect liquid contents from odor, moisture, pests, pets, air and so on. The stand up spouted pouch has high strength and durability, but they are still very flexible and can be easily stored in many places. The pour spout and cap of spout pouches provides protection against spills and leaks in addition to extending the shelf life of the contents. It is the greatest strengths. For more details, you can browse our website.

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