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aluminium spout pouches

The aluminium spout pouches can provide flexible packaging options for all fluid products, it has a barrier that is strong, stable and puncture-resistant. The aluminium spout pouch is a safer package solution, ensure that the transportation of liquid products is easier and mess-free than more. The aluminium spout pouches can prevent bending cracking, has a high rupture strength, and can withstand stringent drop test. The aluminium spout pouches have smooth surface, it easy to clean, is an easy-to-use lightweight package. You can use the aluminium pouches with spout to hold liquids, powders, gels and granules. Our aluminium spout pouches are made of materials that meet the requirements of food grade. We can produce aluminium jet bags with shorter delivery times, and completely control the quality of your jet bags throughout the process. Logo printing service is also provided for you. You can contact us for more details!


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