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custom shaped pouches

The custom shaped pouch is a popular packaging bag, and whatever shape packages your product best. We offer you various sizes of custom shaped pouches, and provide a gusset plate at the bottom, to provide more structure. This bottom can also prevent the product was stuck in the corner of the custom shaped pouch. The custom shaped pouch is made of recyclable materials conforming to food grade requirements, is commonly used to store pet food, maquillage, snacks and other liquid products. Our custom shaped pouches are equipped with various extras, press-to-close zippers, spout, and the aroma protection valve. You can accord your own preferences to select suitable custom shaped pouches. The shaped bags also have a good barrier which provide high moisture and odor barriers and provide long-term shelf life for internal packaging products. Company's brand and product information can be displayed on the shaped pouch. Advanced printing technology enhances color and graphic images of custom printed shaped pouches

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