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shaped zipper pouches

From the name of shaped zipper pouches, you can see directly that the shaped pouches open and close with a zipper. The shaped zipper pouch is often used to store coffee, grain, nut and snacks. We offer customers shaped zipper pouches with different materials, such as plastic, foil and Kraft. Each of our shaped zipper pouch has good barrier, it can provide high moisture and odor barriers and provide long-term shelf life for internal packaging products. In order to improve the performance of the custom zipper pouches, we also design one way degassing valve, the degassing valve helps to release excess gas from the shaped bag, and external moisture and air are not allowed into the shaped zipper bag. Trapezoid shaped zipper pouches are easier to stand and store, it can show your product on the shelf well. For more services, you can contact to us!

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