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10 Insane But True Things About Custom Food Packaging Bags

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The food packaging bag is a kind of packaging design. In order to facilitate the preservation and storage of food in the life, the product packaging bag is produced. A food packaging bag is a film container that is directly in contact with food and is used to hold and protect food. Today's food packaging stand up pouches are varied, and interesting and beautiful packaging bags will promote consumers' desire to purchase; convenient and exquisite packaging will bring convenience to consumers.


Give some things about stand up pouches for food packaging in the market.

The first one is "Mask Lollipop". 

It’s really appealing to look at the name alone. The lollipop is printed with a variety of animal prints, which is very cute. This appearance can really attract a lot of food and children to buy. But the moment you open the packaging bag, what? What about the pattern? What about animals? It turned out that only the pattern was printed on the package.

The second one is instant noodles. 

As a "fast food" that can be eaten immediately, it is really convenient. Whether it is traveling or working overtime, it is indispensable. We usually buy barrels instead of bags. First, because the barrel is convenient, but because the barrel is bigger. Actually not, you can take a bucket of instant noodles and open it from the side. The cake is actually stuck in the middle of the noodle bucket, and it is also very small, there is no big cake in the packaging bags.

The third is "single barrel chocolate." 

Nothing special from the appearance, it is a bucket of chocolate, very affordable, full of a large packaging bag, but open in the middle is empty.

The fourth is the "heartless cake." 

This kind of cake is often eaten by office workers as breakfast, because time is in a hurry. Looking at the top of the packaging bag is also very appetizing, can not help but feel the way to eat. However, after opening, there is no sandwich, the picture and the real thing are not inconsistent, there is a sense of sight of the buyer show and the seller show.

The fifth is "hollow biscuits." 

The biscuit itself is not hollow, it is a problem, but its packaging! The transparent part of the packaging bag can see the shape of the biscuit, it is really nice, and it doesn't feel bad. It’s not right to look at a bag full of biscuits outside, but it’s all fake. In fact, a large part of it is empty, full of routines.

The sixth is "Blind Eye Chocolate." 

The outside of the box feels very textured and the packaging is not bad. The big box, there are only a dozen of chocolates inside, just the chocolate from the transparent part of the box, all invisible are empty.

The seventh is Wanning Food and Drug Administration.

Bureau inspected the processing points of Wanning Dongxing Yajiu Powder according to the special rectification work of the former Hainan Provincial Food and Drug Administration, and found that the food rice noodles produced and operated at the processing point use plastic without label packaging bags. On the same day, during the inspection of Wanning Dongxingyeyong powder processing point, the same situation was found, and warning treatment was given separately, and a fine of 1,000 yuan was imposed.

The eighth is Mousegraphics is a world-renowned packaging design team from Greece. 

HATZIYIANNAKIS snack food packaging design is one of its many works. The transparent bag is used as the packaging substrate, which reflects the characteristics and characteristics of the product with simple design and screen layout. It highlights the quality and appetite of the product, and has obvious visual differentiation compared with similar products. At the same time, the packaging bags also won the pentawards2012 gold award, which is known as the Oscar for packaging design.

Ninth, this is a customized moon cake gift box packaging from a Taiwanese company. 

This set of packaging is made of paper-plastic outer casing with recyclable glass and mooncakes. Each two cups and lids are covered with a sticker with a cocktail formula. The delicious mooncakes and special cocktails are more flavorful. The box is uncolored yellow pulp paper. After eating the moon cake, you can even plant plants in it, giving the box a new soul, creating an endless cycle.

At last, the products that create explosive models rely on the innovation and ultimate pursuit of products. 

It is delicious and fun to "shake the lips", to meet the multiple needs of taste buds, " exploding cheddar meat", the unique spicy strips in the ladies' cosmetic bag, "a lot of good", bottled nuts "small bottle of fruit" in the subdivision scene. The three squirrels launched 11 new products that focus on healthy living, not only pursuing good food, but also interesting, satisfying the emotional needs of consumers, and demonstrating the core innovation ability of the three squirrels as industry leaders.


After reading so many stories about packaging, I believe everyone understands the importance of food packaging.

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