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10 Things You Have In Common With Stand Up Pouches For Food Packaging

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This article will make the following ten points for the stand up pouches for food packing: appearance design, the material, the filler, print, recycle, the sealing temperature, production process, make your own vertical food packaging, specification, sealing means.


1.Appearance design

Vertical bag goods design composition elements of trademarks, the use of graphics, text and color correctly and beautiful. , according to the aesthetic needs of different groups in the food vertical bag top can design a variety of appearance design style, rich design maximum meet consumers for the dual requirement of function and emotion, in addition, the appearance of the vertical bag design can also be rich goods shelves display effect, attract consumer attention to increase product competitiveness.

2. The Material

PP bag is in polypropylene material and made into plastic vertical packaging bag OPP is directional stretchability polypropylene membrane, however, have the feature such as high transparency, brittle, by OPP monolithic folded after lateral sealing side and in mouth tongue with adhesive seal.

3. The Filler

Vertical food packaging bags can be filled with liquid and solid foods. For example, liquid sour milk and other products that are easy to drink in a short period of time, solids such as potato chips, nuts, biscuits and other foods that are susceptible to environmental changes.

4. Print

If you want to print on the stand up pouches, there are four means to choose from them, they are rotogravure printing, Flexography, digital printing and hot stamping and retro printing, Rotogravure (roto or gravure for short) is a type of intaglio printing process, Which involves engraving the image onto an image carrier. Flexography, braking, referred to as flexographic printing, Is a printing method that USES a flexographic plate to transfer ink through the an anilox roller. Digital printing refers to the methods of printing from a Digital - -based image directly to a variety of media. Hot stamping or Foil stamping is a printing method of relief printing in which predried ink or foils are transferred to a surface at high temperatures.

5. Recycle

We can use the stand up bag as a storage bag. It will not be a problem to put in the uneaten snacks even for what days. In addition, you can also use vertical bag by lovely stickers and paper to make a nice gift bag.

6. The Sealing Temperature.

Different vertical plastic bag for food packing have different heat sealing temperature, low temperature would lead to seal the wobbly, high temperature can make wrinkles uneven pincer-like devices. The most commonly used material plastic vertical bag, PE, hdpe melt temperature range 132-132 ℃, low density polyethylene with low melting point (112 ℃) and widely." Plastic bag heat sealing temperature melting point is vertical.

7. Production Process

Set vertical packaging specifications, materials, thickness, bag type according to the professional design and production outsourcing design drawings of the business designer or team. In design, pay special attention to the text on the package information. Then there is a plate-making vertical bag for food packaging. After the drawing is confirmed, professional technicians are required to design the color separation on the vertical bag to repair some unclear places, and more than a dozen processes are needed to complete the process. Next, print it out. After the raw material preparation, the high-speed press vertical bag surface food packaging printing film is used, and each color has a plate roll, and the plate is engraved and engraved. Then there is the composite material. After printing, the vertical packaging film of the food packaging bag and the heat-sealable sealing film are combined at a high speed with a special glue peritoneal machine. The composite has been completed and requires a curing aging chamber of 45 degrees or more to make the plastic bag difficult to remove. Have you made the final vertical package? After curing, the production of vertical bags for food packaging is nearing completion. At this time, it is necessary to have certain technology. The technician must ensure that the color bags are well sealed and airtight.

8. Make your own vertical food packaging

We can provide do-it-yourself tips for vertical bagged foods. If you are not packing food at home, you can prepare a straw and cut it along the shaft, then insert the straw into the folded vertical food bag.

9. Specification

Different vertical food packages have different sizes depending on the amount, and the width of the edge seal also affects the internal capacity.

10.Sealing means

Vertical food bags with regular zipper, slider zipper, hooded zipper, Velcro zipper and pouch vertical bag.

I hope that the above ten points will give you a better understanding of food packaging vertical bags.

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