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15 Problems with Custom Food Packaging Bags

Views:6     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-11-30      Origin:Site

In daily life, whether it is a shopping mall or a family, food packaging bags with exquisite design and convenient use can be seen everywhere. In fact, food packaging stand up pouches are like food intimate clothing, which not only plays a role in protecting food, but also facilitates the storage, transportation and sale of food. In most cases, the unique appearance of the food packaging bag is also a weapon to attract consumers' attention.

Customization of food packaging bags must pay attention to many problems. Here are 15 questions about stand up pouches for food packaging:

First, the customized manufacturer must be a qualified formal enterprise.

Second, food packaging bags produced by manufacturers must comply with food safety standards, foods directly imported should use non-toxic, clean packaging materials, tableware, drinking utensils and containers.

Third, the choice of food packaging bag materials should meet the following requirements: degradable or easy to recycle, in line with environmental requirements; in line with the relevant food containers and packaging materials sanitary standards.

Fourth, the food packaging bag shall indicate the name of the food, the date of manufacture or the production batch number, the shelf life, and the name, address and contact information of the manufacturer and operator in the container and outer packaging of the bulk food.

Fifth, the “QS” mark must be printed when the qualified food packaging is sold at the factory. Without this mark, it must not enter the market.

Sixth, food packaging bags should have sufficient thickness and strength, in order to ensure the function of the food bag.

Seventh, the food packaging bags appearance pattern must be designed to attract attention, will stimulate the buyer's desire, after all, many people are Yan control.

Eighth, plate making, after the artwork is finalized, professional technicians are required to separate the patterns and repair some unclear areas.

Ninth, printing. After the raw materials are prepared, the surface film is printed using a high-speed printing machine. Each color has a plate roll when printing, and the plate is engraved with a concave plate.

Tenth, compound. After the printing is completed, the surface film and the heat-sealable inner layer film are compounded by a special high-speed peritone machine with a special glue.

Eleventh, ripening. After the compounding is completed, it needs to be matured in a curing chamber of 45 degrees or more, so that the plastic packaging bag is not easily delaminated.

Twelfth, making bags. After the ripening, the production of plastic packaging bags has come to an end. At this time, it is necessary to have certain skills. The technicians must ensure that the color printing packaging bags are well sealed and airtight.

Thirteenth, quality inspection. The main items of plastic packaging bag testing are size (length mm, width mm, thickness um), appearance, overprinting error, color difference, peel strength, heat seal strength and so on.

Fourteenth, into the warehouse. The plastic packaging bags that have passed the quality inspection are packaged and managed in order to be shipped later.

Fifteenth, shipped. After the food packaging bag is put into storage, Dexincheng Packaging will contact the customer immediately, and the delivery will be close to the door.

The above is a summary of 15 questions about custom food packaging bags. I believe that everyone can basically know what to pay attention to in custom food packaging bags.

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