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15 Tips For Stand Up Pouches For Food Packaging Success

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In the process of packaging design, a lot of time because of a little carelessness led vertical food packaging is not neat, such as cutting to design or text, or cohesion is not good, color slants cutting a variety of circumstances make vertical bag can not be successful packaging products. This is because a few small mistakes. We should pay attention to the following several small tips.


  1. carton stand up pouches is a three-dimensional modelling, the tile is composed of a number of the mobile, accumulation, folding, surrounded by the process of polyhedral shape. Using all the methods of bolted to each other and lock, make with this firmly sealing, forming. This will make the carton stand up pouches stronger after made packaged food.

  2. Do you know? Different vertical plastic bag packing have different heat sealing temperature, low temperature can cause the sealing rickety, high temperature can make pincer-like device wrinkles uneven. Plastic vertical bag the most commonly used material, PE, hdpe melting temperature range of 132-132 ℃, low density polyethylene with low melting point (112 ℃) and a wide range." Melting point is vertical plastic bag heat sealing temperature

  3. Vertical packaging design background color or color reproduction value not less than 10%, in order to avoid printing can't present when vertical food packaging products, resulting in vertical bag packaging of food products by-product.

  4. stand up pouches packing design pattern on the screen, equidistance cutting edge must be 1 cm, to avoid cutting when the cutting in the. Vertical text on food packaging must turn curve or draw frame, words don't use the system, if use can lead to strokes alternating with white node. After words into a curve, please pay attention to the words or if there is a line escapement inter-row or wrong version of the overlapping phenomenon, do not choose black text fill color overprint.

  5. Vertical packaging design colour can not by the color of the screen or printer print request, customer must reference when making CMYK color in the percentage of chromatography to determine the production. In order to better success with vertical bag packaging products.

  6. Vertical bag design manuscript to complete without reticle paintings and cutting tangent, available two invisible wire frame to act as production line size and bleeding 56 mm, 92 mm x is 90 mm x 54 mm after cutting (that is, the four edges of reserved 1 mm bleeding).

  7. Manufacturers of vertical bag must conform to the food safety standards, ready-to-eat foods should use avirulent, clean packaging materials, tableware, kitchenware, and containers.

  8. The choice of vertical bag material should meet the following requirements: biodegradable or recycled, accord with environmental protection requirements; Comply with relevant food containers and packaging materials and health standards.

  9. Vertical packaging shall be in bulk food containers, the mark on the outer packing food's name, date of production or production batch number, expiration date and production operator name, address, contact information, etc.

  10. Qualified food vertical bag factory sales must be printing "QS" logo, not the logos may not be sold into the market.

  11. Vertical packaging should have sufficient thickness and strength, so as to ensure the function of the packs. For packing food, from a few grams, dozens of grams, a few hundred grams, to a few kilograms, 25 kg, even be able to do this kind of packing bags of vertical thickness generally between 2.5 wire - 20 wire, that is 25 micron - 200 microns

  12. Vertical bag after curing, vertical packaging production is coming to an end, this time is need to have certain skills, technical personnel must ensure that the color printing vertical bag sealing side is good, do not leak.

  13. To examine the vertical bag color difference, mainly through sealed samples with the standard check, at arm distance color difference should be consistent. Through a 50 times a magnifying glass to check the color of the print, the color is made up of one node are combined, if the color is wrong, so dot will appear on the vertical bag irregular distribution.

  14. For different food, vertical bag specification is also different, we must take corresponding specifications of the vertical bag for packaging, shoulds not be too big or too small.

  15. Finally, we can for a do-it-yourself tips with vertical bag packaging food. If you are at home to your own packing is not finished eating the food, you can prepare a straw and make it cut open along the axial direction, then the vertical food bag folded insert the straw as dense article points.

Hope these tips can help to you.

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