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1kg Custom Printing Flat Bottom Paper Bag With Pocket Zipper For Rice Packaging

This flat bottom paper bag is made of Kraft paper lined metalized PET for moisture and aroma barrier, inside with PE for machine heat seal, newest flat bottom bag type, with pocket zipper for easy open, directly printing on paper for old-culture feeling, customized sizes and design.

  • Flat bottom paper bag
  • DXC-002

1kg Custom Printing Flat Bottom Paper Bag With Pocket Zipper For Rice Packaging 

  1. Material: Kraft Paper / MPET / PE or Kraft Paper / AL Foil / PE

  2. Printing: Multi-colors directly printing on Paper

  3. Usage: Coffee & Tea, Snack Food, Health Food, Cereal & Grains, Pet food & Treats. 

  4. Bag-Style: Flat bottom with or without zipper 

  5. Food-grade material

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  1. Zipper type: Pocket zipper, Normal press to close zipper, Slider zipper. 

  2. Tin-Tie: Metal or Paper material. 

  3. Degassing valve: Wicovalve from Wipf AG, Switzerland. 

  4. Hot Stamp

  5. Beautiful printing directly on paper. 

  6. 100% non-leakage 

  7. Paper imported from Japan.

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