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20kg quad seal pet food bag with Top slider zipper

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20kg quad seal pet food bag with Top slider zipper


Quad sealed Pet food bags are side gusset bags with four main panels for product branding. They are made from 2-4 layers laminated material structure, providing good strength and visual impact as well as good palletization due to welded corners.


DXC Pet food bags equipped with re-closure systems like top sliders, press to close zippers, Velcro zippers, pocket zippers, they are suitable for 400g to 20kg weights.


Advantages of DXC Pet food bag

1.Bulk Volume bag size of as much as 20 kg bag are workable;

2.Easily open and re-closed packages without using the extra tool;

3.Add valued benefit of small Slider zipper to make your brand high-level grade;

4.Space efficient pack size to reduce the transportation and warehouse cost;

5.Sustainability and recyclable material use.


Applications of DXC Pet food bags

Dry Dog food bag, Dry Cat food bag, Dry Bird food bag, Cat Litter bag, Premium Horse food bag, Fish food bag and another Pet food bags.

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