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5 Things Nobody Told You About Stand Up Pouches For Food Packaging

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Stand up pouches are quickly becoming a staple in the flexible food packaging industry for their great shelf display abilities. There are five things nobody told you about stand up pouches for food packaging. They are, materials, beauty, high-barrier packaging, environmental protection and packaging technology.


1. Materials

Different foods have different physical and chemical properties. Therefore, we must be targeted in the choice of packaging materials. Understanding the characteristics of the food itself and the protective conditions required to study the main factors affecting food, especially the sensitive factors affecting fat, protein, vitamins and other nutrients, including light, oxygen, temperature, microbial and physical, mechanical aspects and other Influencing factors. Only by mastering the biological, chemical, and physical properties of the packaged food and its sensitive factors, and determining the required protective conditions, can we determine what packaging materials to use for packaging operations to achieve its protective function and appropriate extension. First of all, selection of flavored food packaging pouches ought to focus on that the aromatic smell of the product itself cannot be covered, so we can choose stand up pouches with PET/AL/PE. Secondly, fresh food, biscuits and other dry foods, salt-containing products can choose stand up pouches with BOPP/PE. Additionally, we can choose oil-proof stand up pouches for foods which is rich in oils and fats.


2. Beauty

If you want to display your products much better, hot stamp printing can satisfy your needs. Hot Stamp Printing allows your company to package your product with a custom solution that creates brand recognition that your customers and potential customer will remember. A clear and simple attention-grabbing design provides an immediate connection with your audience to make your brand stand out. There are other advanced printing techniques to ensure the beautiful appearance of the pouches.


3. High-barrier packaging

High barrier packaging is able to protect food and extend shelf life. Products that contain grease and have a long shelf life require high-barrier packaging. High-barrier objects are primarily oxygen, and some products also need to block UV rays. For example, nestle milk powder pouches structure is targeted at protection from light and oxygen, puffed food which is fatter, but short shelf life also needs to be high-barrier packaged. In addition, high temperature cooking pouches which have both high barrier and high temperature sterilization can maximize the shelf life of the product.


4. Environmental protection

Nowadays, the problems of environment are getting worse, especially plastic pollution, so it is our duty to choose friendly environmental stand up pouches for food packaging. Yunlong Paper is not only environmentally friendly, but also has a unique appearance. The window on the pouches allows the customer to see the product intuitively. The special appearance of Yunlong Paper makes an impression to help you better capture the customers in the target market.


5. Packaging technology

For a given food, in addition to the selection of suitable packaging bags and containers, the most appropriate packaging technology should be taken into consideration. The same food can often be used in different packaging technology methods to achieve the same or similar pouches requirements and effects. For example, for oxidizable foods, vacuum or air-filled packaging may be used, or enclosed deoxidizers may be used for packaging. However, in order to meet the set requirements and effects, specific packaging technology must be adopted. Selection and packaging of packaging technology are closely related to the selection of pouches materials, and it is also closely connected with factors such as the market positioning of packaged foods.


To sum up, nobody will tell you these things about stand up pouches for food packaging, so it requires us to observe on our own. Choose the most appropriate stand up pouches for food packaging in order to display your goods better.

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