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Are You Making These coffee packaging bags Mistakes

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Nowadays, economic development is getting faster and faster, and people's pressure is increasing. Many students and workers are facing problems of mental disability, and coffee has become their good friend. The purchasing power of coffee is increasing. And this type of people, when shopping, often pays special attention to the appearance of coffee bags, attention and their design and practicality. The bags not only have the effect of landscaping, but also the effect of protecting people. They are also tools for protecting food, not only to prevent liquid leakage, moisture, but also to keep fresh, and so on. Therefore, bags are very important in the coffee market. Always pay attention to any mistakes when making coffee bags.

The first ,coffee packaging material is essential. After all, coffee belongs to food and is drunk in the mouth. Therefore, if you do not pay attention to the selection of coffee packaging, it will have serious consequences.

The selection of coffee bags materials should meet the following requirements: degradable or easy to recycle, in line with environmental requirements; in line with the relevant food containers and packaging materials sanitary standards.Andthe “QS” mark must be printed when the qualified. coffee packaging bags is sold at the factory. Without this mark, it must not enter the market.

The secondcoffee packaging bags shall indicate the name of the food, the date of manufacture or the production batch number, the shelf life, and the name, address and contact information of the manufacturer and operator in the container and outer packaging of the bulk food. So that consumers can understand product information and buy with confidence.

The thirdcoffee packaging bags should have sufficient thickness and strength, in order to ensureThe moisture barrier of the coffee bag and the function of the aroma barrierAt the same time one way degassing valves are essential for coffee bags due to the carbon dioxide that is released from freshly roasted coffee beans. These valves keep your coffee fresh and prevents the bags from bursting. In the seal of the coffee food bag, the same type cannot be used. Different seals, zippers, pocket zippers or re-seal zippers should be selected according to different needs.

The design of the appearance of the coffee packaging bags must attract attention, in order to stimulate the buyer's desire. After all, the consumer of coffee is a lot of YAN control. Can be styled, according to different consumer groups to design different styles of packaging bags, trendy and stylish, simple and generous, and so on.

After the finalization of the artwork, professional and technical personnel are required to separate the patterns and fix some unclear areas. The old saying goes well, the details determine success or failure. Each color has a plate roll during the printing process, and the plate is engraved with a gravure. After the compounding is completed, it needs to be matured in a curing chamber of 45 degrees or more, so that the plastic packaging bag is not easily delaminated. After maturity, the production bags for plastics are over. At this time, it is necessary to have certain skills. The technician must ensure that the color printing package is well sealed and sealed.

The last but not least,quality inspection. The main items of plastic packaging test include size (length mm, width mm, thickness um), appearance, printing error, color difference, peel strength, heat seal strength and so on.

In a word,coffee bags have a great impact on the sales of coffee, so there must be no mistakes in these matters, otherwise it is possible to lose customers and sales decline.

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