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Avoid The Top 10 Stand Up Pouches For Food Packaging Mistakes

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Explain the top 10 stand up pouches for food packaging mistakes from the perspective of manufacturers and consumers in detail. For the manufacturers, the misunderstandings are that improper use of packaging materials; adding banned additives; large amount of benzene-containing ink used in printing; insufficient degradation performance; inappropriate packaging materials and processing techniques. For the consumers, the misunderstandings are that choosing a stand up pouch that is not suitable for food materials; the thicker the plastic pouches, the better; more beautiful pouches, the better; reusing pouches; more expensive, the better;

 1.the perspective of manufacturers

(1) improper use of packaging materials

The sanitary grade of packaging materials is divided into industrial grade, food grade and pharmaceutical grade. Materials used for food packaging should meet food grade requirements. But food packaging products currently on the market and used, because of its large amount of use and fast circulation, many small businesses or family workshops which do not have the conditions for producing food packaging products, not only the production environment is poor, but also for personal gain. It is even produced using industrial grade raw materials or toxic and hazardous recycled waste. Especially plastic products,

recycling of waste plastic waste, agricultural film, hospital waste, etc. collected by the garbage station without disinfection. They are used again as food packaging materials for the production of food packaging and put on the market. Although these recycled plastics are heated at high temperatures during processing, they are plasticizers and stabilizers. Also all kinds of harmful substances such as formaldehyde can’t be completely removed, and the food directly in the package is packaged with this plastic product. It will have serious consequences for human health, and long-term use will cause chronic poisoning and even cancer.


(2) adding banned additives

Taking plastic stand up pouches as an example, many unscrupulous manufacturers add a large amount of industrial grade calcium carbonate, talc, paraffin and other additives that are prohibited for food packaging in order to reduce costs. Additionally, some more savvy companies, additives such as paraffin are used in excess of 50%, and some are as high as 80%. This high-filled fast food box is tested for acetic acid evaporation residue and n-hexane evaporation residue according to national standards. The index exceeds the standard and even exceeds the national standard by a hundred times. When the temperature of the food is high or the microwave is heated, harmful substances are dissolved in the food. Long-term intake can lead to indigestion, liver system diseases, and even diseases such as gallstones. It poses a major hazard to health.


(3) large amount of benzene-containing ink used in printing

Serious benzene solvents and heavy metals in the ink. The residual amount of benzene is extremely harmful to the human body, meanwhile, benzene has accumulation, once people inhale, it is difficult to discharge, and it will cause cancer and other diseases over time.


(4) insufficient degradation performance

According to the type of degradation, it can be divided into three types: light, biology and environment. It can reflect the environmental impact of the pouches after it is discarded. If it is degraded, it can make the pouches become debris under the action of light and other organisms. This is a must-have for qualified food packaging stand up pouches. If it is unqualified, it can’t be decomposed and easily form pollution.


(5) inappropriate packaging materials and processing techniques

Packaging enterprises should select suitable packaging materials and processing techniques according to the packaging needs of food enterprises to avoid unnecessary costs for food enterprises. Taking the grain packaging pouches as an example, many grain production enterprises now require the use of vacuum plastic packaging with good appearance and good freshness. Some companies have chosen composite pouches and believe that the cost is low. However, in fact, the quality performance is suitable for pouches produced from multi-layer coextrusion materials for multi-grain packaging, and the cost is the same as that of composite. Because the thickness of the composite is up to 100 microns, and the material is a hot melt process, no adhesive is used, and food safety is guaranteed. Those packaging companies that truly make food companies as customers and have a certain level of their own will be able to do this.


2. the perspective of consumers

(1) choosing a stand up pouch that is not suitable for food materials

Many people assume that plastic stand up pouches can hold variable food. Actually, each food has his suitable stand up pouches for packaging. For example, we can choose oil-proof stand up pouches for foods which is rich in oils and fats.


(2) the thicker the plastic pouches, the better

In fact, the state has strict standards and requirements for various plastic packaging product specifications, especially for plastic pouches used for food packaging, it is important to choose the products of regular plastic pouches manufacturers to ensure safety. In addition, looking at the plastic pouches against the light, the qualified product is very clean and free of impurities, while the inferior product is not. The thickness of a single plastic pouches must be more than 0.025m.


(3) more beautiful pouches, the better

Facing the plastic bags with different colors, People mistakenly think that the color is better, the quality is better. The color of the plastic packaging pouches is app application made of chemical materials during the processing of plastic packaging pouches, and the more beautiful the color, the higher the content of the ingredients, so in terms of color, it is recommended that everyone in daily life the choice of color is relatively simple, such a plastic pouch contains relatively few chemical additives. The appearance of a qualified food packaging pouches is that there are no bubbles, perforations and so on. Also the width and length deviation are within a certain range. If it exceeds or exists, it is an unqualified pouch.


(4) reusing pouches

Large amount of food packaging stand up pouches cannot be reused, especially plastic pouches. Many people have the custom of storing used plastic pouches for secondary re-use. There is nothing wrong with this, but don't use used plastic pouches for food packaging, even if they are especially clean plastic pouches. Since the finished plastic product will react chemically when it comes into contact with food, it will produce toxic and harmful substances, which will cause harm to health.


(5) more expensive, the better

Most people assume that the higher the price of the food packaging stand up pouches, the better the quality. Actually, many food packaging stand up pouches are expensive because of their printing technology, not just because of their good quality.


In a word, avoid the top 10 stand up pouches for food packaging mistakes, the future of the food packaging industry is bright.

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