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Believe In Your Stand Up Pouches For Food Packaging Skills But Never Stop Improving

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Stand up pouches for food packaging are a relatively new form of packaging. The Stand up pouches for food packaging is very visually pleasing and very practical and convenient. However, everything is not perfect. Stand up pouches for food packaging have both these and many shortcomings.

The heat sealing pressure should not be too high and the heat sealing time should not be too long, so as to avoid the degradation of macromolecules and reduce the sealing strength. The four-layer seals at the bottom of vertical bags are the most critical parts. Therefore, attention must be paid to the heat sealing strength test when sampling.

Material selection of vertical bags is very important for leak prevention. In terms of three-layer structure, the bonding strength between printing film and intermediate anode barrier, barrier layer and heat seal layer is concentrated. In addition, the choice of materials such as ink, adhesives and various organic solvents is also important.

Heat seal strength is also one of the important factors that affect the leakage and leakage of upright bags. During sealing, attention must be paid to the control and adjustment of heat sealing temperature, heat sealing pressure and heat sealing time. Among them, heat sealing temperature is the main factor. Different kinds of plastic film have different sealing temperatures.

Smoothness is one of the indexes that measure the appearance quality of the packaging bags. In addition to material factors: the flatness of vertical bags is also related to heat sealing temperature, heat sealing pressure, hot cutting time, cooling effect and other factors.Symmetry not only affects the appearance of upright bags, but also affects the anti leakage performance of the whole bag.

Therefore, when using vertical bags, attention should be paid to check whether the bags leak air in order to prevent products from deteriorating when stored in vacuum, and to widen the shelves when placing products packed in vertical bags. When transferring bags, we should pay attention to its smoothness, keep the appearance of products and attract customers.

For some of the shortcomings of the stand-up pouch and the update of the product, we have developed some new technologies and new styles.These new products are more widely used and more diverse in form, and we use these stand-up bags more in our lives.

Everything has to be replaced by old and new ones. The development of stand up pouches for food packaging is fast, but we can't stay on the old products forever, we must also innovate. Our philosophy is never to stop improving. So, let innovation always exist, and products can always exist.


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