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Company News

  • How to Make Your EAN-13 bar-code Dimensions with 100% Magnification?

    How to make your EAN-13 bar-code Dimensions with 100% Magnification?The following provides a guideline for the size you should print the barcode on your product. This is very important if you require barcode verification. It is also a good guide for ensuring that your barcode scans correctly.

  • Congratulation to our client "Reishunger", the largest German online food shop.

    Congratulation to our client "Reishunger", the largest German online food shop. Congratulations! Our customer “Reishunger” is today one of the largest and most frequently visited online food shops in Germany. In 2011 Sohrab Mohammad and Torben Buttjer founded their company Reishunger to fight the overcooked rice in the Unimensa.

  • Packaging designers and manufacturers are innovating the packaging of frozen and chilled foods in order to make them more convenient to use. Frozen and refrigerated food packaging has certain function

    With the development of the economy, people's quality of life is getting higher and higher, so people are increasingly demanding food and other aspects. Because there are many foods such as fresh, if it is eaten, its freshness will drop, then the bag is particularly important. But because most fresh

  • DXC participated in the largest pack expo exhibition in history in 2018

    Pack expo, hosted by PMMI, alternates between Chicago and Las Vegas, USA
    Since the first successful year in 1995, it has maintained a fixed annual cycle, has developed into the largest packaging exhibition in North America, and is a highly influential professional exhibition in the international packaging exhibition. Date: Oct 14, 2018-Oct 17, 2018, DXC Packaging as a professional domestic expert in the production and development of packaging bags, participated in the exhibition, booth number E-6081.

  • DXC Packaging With The High Working Speed!

    After checking the working environment and obtaining the ISO 22000 standard certificate, we have more confidence in the quality control of bag-making.

  • Congratulation On DXC Packaging Get the ISO Certification

    ISO 22000 is recognised throughout the global food chain and certification is a way to become a supplier of choice. Being certified against this standard publicly demonstrates your commitment to food safety.ISO 22000 also aligns with other ISO management system standards, making it easy to integrate


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