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Countermeasures for Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia

Views:3     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-02-10      Origin:Site

Countermeasures for Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia

9 th February 2020

Due to the presence of the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia, DXC take Precautions & measures as following:

1.Strictly comply with the policies by Governments

1.1) Establish an epidemic prevention and control organization and management system, and Clarify the internal responsibility mechanism.

1.2) The basic situation of each employee's hometown and whereaboutswithin 14 days must be checked.

1.3) Ensure adequate preparation of epidemic prevention and control materials, including the purchase of rapid infrared temperature detectors, disinfection water, masks, etc.

1.4) All the area of the factory are implemented with closed management, all personnel entering the factory shall be subjected to temperature detection, and the health status of returning workers shall be reported daily according to regulations.

1.5) 3 instructions must be fully implemented: training for all employees on safe production; setting of security measures; completing the overhaul of facilities and equipment before resumption. If the safety measures are not in

place, pausing production until hidden safety hazards are ruled out.

2.In response to the situation of our company, the emergency response measures for Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia mainly include:

2.1) Establish emergency organization, consisting of emergency leadership group, emergency office, and on-site emergency command. Relevant persons should participate in corresponding emergency plan drills and training activities. Reserving a proper amount of emergency protection facilities, such as protective gloves, masks, disinfectant, infrared thermometer, vehicle ambulance, etc.

2.2) Calling upon all personnel to develop good hygiene habits and maintaining hygiene in the office and living places.

2.3) Controlling the entry and exit of the personnel and check their body temperature.Particularly the external visitors, isolating and observing immediately when found the suspected acute infectious person.

2.4) Disinfection. Disinfecting all the corner of the factory. Regular ventilation to improve indoor air quality. Forbid to stack garbage in the open air for a long time and the garbage should be cleaned in time.

2.5) Strengthen the sanitary management of the canteen, set hand-washing points at the entrance, service staff use masks, disinfection and cleaning of the cupboard where employees store dishes. In terms of ingredients, do not eat live birds and game, and maintain balanced nutrition.

2.6) All employees should be the measured temperature at least twice, generally once every morning and once an afternoon. People whose body temperature exceeds 37.3 ° C have symptoms of general discomfort, take antipyretics and observe them in isolation

2.7) When the current emergency measures are difficult to deal with, we will promptly seek the support of the local government or rescue agency. We resume to work on 13th Feb. 

Until now, all DXC employees have not been affected or have not come into contact with anyone who has been affected by Novel coronavirus. We guarantee to advise all related parties, including our customers, suppliers, and contractors, if there is a case anyone works for DXC is affected by Novel coronavirus in the future. We guarantee all the food packaging DXC provides to customer compliance with FDA, EU for the food contact requirements and free of Novel coronavirus.

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