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How New Oven Bag Works and How It Can Seriously Increase Your Sales?

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How How New Oven Bag Works and How It Can Seriously Increase Your Sales?

Ovenable bag also called bake bag, it's used to pack the raw meats into oven to cook. It is new fresh and fun in supermarket. Let's take a look at the new ovenable bags format. See how it works and how it can seriously increase your sales.

How it works?

1. Select your seafood or raw meat                                                                 2. Choose a free butter or sauce

image                  image

3. Weigh the bag with food in it                                                                        4. Place the customer selection of the sauce/butter into the bag

image                   image

5.Remove the protective strip and seal the bag (If you already have a heat sealer you will use bag without adhesive tape)                                              


6. Take to home store in refrigerator or bake in oven

imageovenable bag.jpgIMG20191012172407.jpg

The benefit your customer will love

Withstand temperatures up to 200° Covenable bag

Are safe to use in conventional oven, microwave, slow-cook and smoker ovens.

Preserve the natural flavor

Traps in moisture and natural juices to keep food from drying out so it comes out juicy and tender every time

33% Faster Cooking Time 

With faster cooking time, your customer use less energy and save money

7% Greater Yield

Without the shrinkage typical with the use of conventional ovens, your customer retain more of what you started with

0% Clean Up

With food never touching the pans and never splattering the oven, you maintain cleaner, easier to operate kitchens

DXC Advantages on Ovenable Bags:

1. One of the earliest manufacturers to develop Kraft paper laminated pouches in China

2. Cutting Custom transparent window on Kraft

3. Excellent laminated strength, material construction according to the usage, content, storage condition and customizing, Withstand temperatures up to 200℃

4. With or without double sided adhesive tape

5. Max printed 8 colors directly on paper

6. FSC certified Kraft Paper imported directly from Japan


There are more than Ovenable bags in DXC PACK!

recyclable pouches100% Recyclable pouch

-Replaces non-recyclable laminates 

-Excellent oxygen and moisture barrier

-Suitable for mechanical recycling where

existing recycling systems are in place

-Artwork protection due to reverse printing 

-Suitable for all kinds of bag types

compostable bagsBarrier compostable pouch

-Certified compostable raw materials

-Excellent oxygen and moisture barrier

-Meet standard EU 13432 and ASTM D6400

                                                                                            -Home and Industrial Compostable

                                                                                            -Meet food contact regulation

large bag of pet food

10~25kg pet food bag

Anti-skid: Anti-skid coating to allow 

large pet food bags to be palletized

Air Release Systems: Avoid Trapped air inside a bag 

that cause a pallet become unstable after stacking

Top slider zipper, powder proof zipper, normal zipper...

Side gusset handles

Micro-perforations:Tiny holes on the bag 

allows trapped air to escape the bag

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