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How To Teach Stand Up Pouches For Food Packaging Like A Pro

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The food packaging industry is developing rapidly and but food packaging technology is not in the same level. There are a variety of food packaging stand up pouches on the market, some of which capture your attention but some eliminate your desire to consume. If you want your food packaging stand up pouches to be more professional, the following tips will have to be read.

1.Do a Good Job in Packaging Design

Different foods are suitable for different food packaging stand up pouches. Therefore, first of all, to determine the food positioning to be done, what channel is it to be able to target the market for packaging design. Then find a company that takes into account the brand strategy to help you do the pre-work of the brand, a professional design company that can be trusted to trust the brand. When you actually don't know how to make food packaging design, you are able to put your products' photos directly on the packaging! This is the most stupid way but the most effective way. In this way, just by seeing the photos on the package, the sense of smell, taste and touch can be satisfied at the same time. Just like a bowl of food is already in front of you, waiting for you to start, it is simply wonderful.


In today's market, packaging design is dazzling. How to attract consumers' attention at the first time is the main competitive means. It depends on an important element, that is, color. In the food sales process, the color of food packaging can not only attract consumers in the first time, but also bring different visual feelings and psychological associations, which in turn affect consumers' perception of food and directly affect food sales.

2. Important Food Information Cannot Be Lost

The Food Sanitation Law clearly stipulates that the food packaging or the food instruction must be clearly marked: the product name, processing method, formula, main ingredients, implementation standard number, production license number, health license number, production date, shelf life, weight, method of consumption and nutrients. If there are food contraindications, allergens should also be noted and reminded. The place of origin, the name of the factory, the address of the factory, and the contact information, if it is processed on behalf of the company, the company and the production plant must also be indicated. This content information, on the one hand, is to strengthen the supervision of food production enterprises, on the other hand, in order to enable consumers to clearly identify the specific information of the food manufacturers and food formulations, and to be free to choose food.

3. Tailored Food Packaging Bags for Each Food

The sort of foods is so variable that not all food packaging is generalized. It is vital that we ought to choose a stand up pouch for food packaging that fits the food material so that it does not make us look pretty unprofessional. For example, the plastic food packaging stand up pouch is a kind of food packaging stand up pouches which uses plastic as raw material to produce various articles in daily life, and is widely used in daily life and industrial production. Recently, the commonly used plastic food packaging stand up pouches are mostly made of polyethylene film. This film is not toxic, so the food packaging stand up pouches can be used for food, and will not do harm to the human body.


There is also a PVC plastic food packaging stand up pouch. Polyvinyl chloride itself is not toxic, but plastic pouch manufacturers will add corresponding additives according to the use of the film, and the plastic food packaging ingredients prepared by this component contain substances harmful to the human body. Therefore, such films and plastic bags made of the film cannot be used for food.


In total, provided that you pay attention to these 3 tips, your stand up pouches for food packaging will be more professional, attract customers and increase sales.

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