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How to Choose the Most Suitable Coffee Bags of Coffee Bean

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Coffee packaging bags can extend the freshness of coffee. It can be said that the coffee bag directly affects the flavor of coffee. When customers hear about a brand, they picture the package in their mind. Good design is critical to a coffee bag, and roasters need to consider six important aspects when choosing the best bag.

1. Type

There are four common types of bags:


The Doypack

The free-standing bag is round at the bottom and flat at the top. It stands naturally and smoothly on any shelf. Self - contained bags are usually equipped with sealing strips.


The Side Fold Bag

Side folding bag is a more traditional packaging style, affordable and easy to use. Dress up bean quantity a bit more, the appearance is contracted and distinctive. Side pocket won't stand very firm, but it will be more firm. Side folding bags usually do not have a seal, when used from the top of the bag down the fold, and then with a label or tin bars tied firmly.


The Quadro Seal Bag

Square sealing bag and side folding bag are more similar, the difference is that the four corners of the square sealing bag is a sealed appearance for the square, it can also install the sealing strip.



The Box Pouch/Flat Bottom Bag

The square shape of the box bag/flat bag makes it look like a box. It has a flat bottom, can not only stand smoothly, but also has a huge market. It comes in a variety of sizes, and you can choose to install a seal strip. American flat bags are slightly different from European ones, in that the former roll up like a compact brick-shaped package, while the latter are usually fitted with a sealing strip.


2. Barrier performance/sustainable development


The bags need to be sealed to ensure freshness. The sealing effect can be known by observing whether the packing bag is equipped with one-way air inlet valve. Coffee is very sensitive to the outside world, so first you need to set up a barrier for the packaging, which will help to avoid oxygen, uv radiation and other factors. Today, many vertical coffee bags have three layers of metal or pure aluminum.

Alternatively, you can choose a double layer of high barrier polyester laminate, which guarantees freshness and is made of 100% plastic - including a one-way intake valve and seal strip. These bags can be recycled in most Nordic countries. In order to prevent as much uv light as possible into the bag, you can consider black or white polyester or printed on a dense pattern.


3. Packaging process

Many roasters choose to pack their beans manually or semi-automatically, and the design of the coffee bag can effectively speed up or slow down the packaging process. If you choose the self-packing bag, make sure the opening is wide enough for easy access. You also need to check that the bag is easy to open, easy to take beans or put your hands in.


The top of the box bag or square sealing bag may have two corners and a sealing strip, or the top has four corners but the side has a sealing strip, which needs to be confirmed and checked before submission. Also, if you are considering purchasing a fully automatic packaging machine, be aware of the type of packaging that the machine supports. Most machines now support both types of packaging.


4. The sealing   

While coffee bags lose their flavor quickly when opened, ziplock bags keep beans fresh. The user needs to pay attention to is, when pulling the seal strip, it is best to exhaust the air inside first. A bag without a seal is suitable for a small amount of the same kind of stuff, which means it is more suitable for retail use or for households with less consumption. When choosing a ziplock bag, pay attention to the quality of the sealing strip, so as to effectively ensure the freshness of the coffee and let the user use up every bean.



Every company needs to distinguish itself from its competitors, and packaging is one of the easiest ways. So your packaging needs to establish its own style and have unique appeal. You can choose from different paint, metal or neon colors, integrated seal strips, one-way intake valves, or even unique measurement prints. You can also focus on consumer convenience, such as laser piercing to open luggage. Be creative, too, because the possibilities are endless.


6. Label

The fine coffee industry loves their label, and it's doing it right. You need a good label to indicate where the coffee was grown, how it was prepared, the date of roasting and more information about the beans. Don't rush the design, this key element needs time to complete.

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