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How to Choose the Right coffee bags?

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There are many types of coffee bag, because coffee beans will produce a lot of carbon dioxide after roasting, simple and direct packaging will lead to the loss of coffee aroma or the loss of various substances in coffee, so we are particularly important in the choice of coffee bag. Coffee can be divided into several types according to different materials, styles and functions. The main three types are raw bean export packaging, roasted coffee bean packaging and instant coffee packaging.

  1. 1.      Raw bean export packaging

  Raw beans are usually packed in gunny bags. Different coffee producers around the world usually export their beans in sacks of 70 or 69 kilograms. In addition to printing the name of the country, its coffee organization, coffee production unit and production area on the coffee bag, the coffee bag will also print the most typical patterns of the country on the bag. These seemingly ordinary commodity sacks, in the eyes of coffee fans, have become a footnote to explain the coffee cultural background. Even become the collection of many coffee aficionados, this kind of packaging can be called the original packaging of coffee. Every country that exports coffee creates its own unique packaging bag with local cultural characteristics, so that their coffee has a distinctive taste.

2. Roasted coffee bean packaging

Roasted coffee beans are usually packaged in bags or cans. (1) bag packaging is generally divided into: non-air tightness packaging, vacuum packaging, one-way valve packaging, pressure packaging.

Non-airtight packing:

It is actually a temporary wrapper that is only used for short-term storage.

Vacuum packing:

Roasted coffee beans need to be placed for a period of time before packaging to prevent carbon dioxide damage to the packaging, such packaging can generally store about 10 weeks.

Pressure packaging:

After roasting, the coffee beans are quickly vacuum packed and then filled with inert gas seal. Such packaging can ensure that the coffee beans are not oxidized and the aroma is not lost. The packaging is strong enough to avoid air pressure damage and can be stored for up to two years.

2It's usually made of metal, glass, and it has a plastic lid to close it.

3. Instant coffee packaging.

Instant coffee packaging is relatively simple, generally using small sealed packaging bags, mainly in strip packaging, in addition to the external packaging box. Of course, some instant coffee is also available in cans.


When we choose the coffee packaging belt, the most important thing is to choose according to our own needs. Different types of coffee packaging material is not the same, the general raw bean export packaging material is simple sack material. Instant coffee packaging is basically made of general food packaging materials. And the coffee bean is used to be used in the form of an opaque plastic composite, and an environmentally friendly piece of parchment material.

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