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How to Control the Tone of Color Printing Coffee Bag?

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To have a good sell of coffee bag, we need to produce coffee bags with attractive outlook tones. Famous coffee brands always have fascinating coffee bag tones. So how to control the tone of the color printing coffee bag? Here are some advice.


1. Change of wet temperature

When room temperature, ink liquid temperature have a large change, the state of the flow will change, tone will change. This is because the temperature change affects the ink viscosity. At the same time, high temperature and low humidity dry weather on the high-light parts of the ink transfer rate will have a significant impact.


Therefore, in the printing of high-end products in any case to the printing shop temperature and humidity control. In addition, in the winter when using ink to preheat ahead of time to reduce the temperature of the ink itself.


2. Separation of synthetic colors

This scene, in light color and organic color and inorganic pigment such as the proportion of the color difference between the color of the hybrid prone to occur. In particular, ink plate ink flow too slow, precipitation will promote the separation of synthetic color, so we must pay attention to make ink circulation smooth.


In addition, if the mixing is not enough, as the printing goes on, the concentration of a certain color is inclined to increase, so before the official printing should be used in the dissolving machine or other methods for adequate mixing.


3. Ink deterioration and make the color worse

Because of a long time printing, ink solvent composition change, or water in the air mixed with ink caused ink deterioration, color.


To prevent temperature drop due to heat of vaporization, a slowly drying solvent can be used. At high temperature and more wet, there may be a certain amount of water mixed with ink, so in the occurrence of strange should be added to the new ink, or all changed, used for many times the remaining ink because of a lot of dust, should be periodically filtered or abolished.


4. Ink working viscosity and drying speed change

Ink working viscosity change can directly affect the color of the printing. When the viscosity is high, the color concentration is relatively high, whereas when the viscosity is low, the color concentration is relatively low. This effect is sometimes quite pronounced and must be given high priority. Because of the requirements of the printing process, the working viscosity of ink to moderate. Ink work is not conducive to large ink transfer, easy to produce paste version. Ink stick through hours, printing color is prone to electrostatic phenomenon, is not conducive to the control of ink. 


Ink in the solvent ratio change, the working ink drying speed will change, and affect the transfer rate of ink and printing color. Some of the amount of less ink, in the ink tank after a period of time, because of the natural volatile solvent, not only affect the ink working viscosity, but also affect the solvent ratio and volatile speed, so to supplement the solvent in a timely manner.


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