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How to Seal Stand Up Pouches?

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As consumers have higher requirements for the convenience and portability of products, the global demand for flexible plastic bags such as stand up pouches has been directly promoted. Due to the factors of market shelves, upright  bags Stand-out among thousands of products for their unique packaging creativity and their more eye-catching and faster delivery of product information.

Vertical bags make storage space more flexible and easier to find. As a result of consumer love and high temperature germicidal,upright bags are favored by consumers.

Upright bags are smaller and thinner than glass, paper and metal packaging.

In addition, the vertical mail bag increases the shelf space of traditional boxes, cartons and bottles to a greater extent, which minimizes freight and storage costs.

Vertical bags are especially popular in the field of food packaging due to their advantages of wide application range and flexibility.

In the purchase and use of vertical bags, food packaging, their shape, color, elements of more attention to design

However, the customer group is most concerned about the safety of three-dimensional packaging bags, so the sealing of vertical bags became a very serious problem.

In the market, the sealing of flexible plastic bags such as three dimensional bags is generally presented in the following forms: zipper seal, thermostatic heat seal.


Zipper seal:

A vertical zipper bag specially designed for the food industry can be used to package cereal, pasta, confectionery, dried fruit and other products.

The combination of different materials determines the different use of vertical zipper bag to meet the packaging requirements of various items

The sealing of vertical zipper bag is realized in the form of zipper.

The vertical zipper bag is the most popular form of packaging in the food industry.

Invisible zipper bag is generally aluminum plastic composite bag, is a combination of various packaging advantages in a package product, low cost, fine printing; The product has the following features: anti-static, anti-ultraviolet, anti-moisture, anti-oxygen and anti-light, cold-resistant, oil-resistant and high-temperature resistant, fresh-keeping, oxygen-isolating and easy to seal;

Thermostatic heat seal:

This packaging form quickly permeates the market with its excellent sealing performance and repeatable opening

The sealing of packaging container is an indispensable process in packaging process.

Ensure the contents remain in the container during transportation, storage and sale. It ensures that the contents are effectively moisture-proof and insulated from air pollution.

Usually, the thermostat set after the heat seal.Vertical bags are especially popular in the field of food packaging due to their advantages of wide application range and flexibility.

A vertical zipper bag specially designed for the food industry can be used to package cereal, pasta, confectionery, dried fruit and other products.

The material selection of vertical bag is very important to prevent leakage. The purpose is to improve the peeling strength between the outer layer and the intermediate barrier layer, the barrier layer and the thermal seal layer material, and the thermal seal strength of the bag.

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