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How to seal kraft stand up pouches

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Kraft paper bags are non-toxic, odorless, pollution-free, in line with national environmental standards, with high strength, high environmental protection, is currently one of the most popular environmental protection packaging materials in the world. Kraft paper bags are widely used in supermarkets, shopping malls, shoe stores, clothing stores and other places. Kraft paper bags are generally available for customers to carry their purchases. The kraft paper bag is a kind of environmental protection packing bag, it has many kinds.


Because of kraft paper bags are based on wood pulp paper. They are divided into white kraft paper and yellow kraft paperso they can be waterproof by using PP material to spray a film on the paper.There are many ways to seal the kraft paper bagsfor example we can use kraft bag sewing machineuse paper bag sealing strip to kraft them and some kraft paper bags have their own seals,then we only need to manually seal up after use.


1.use kraft bag sewing machine

The sewing machine is a sewing machine for plastic woven bags (fabrics), paper bags (fabrics), paper-plastic composite bags (fabrics), aluminium-coated paper bags and other bags. It mainly completes the stitching and sewing of bags or knitted fabrics.The following are steps to use:(1) threading: thread and ring splicer should be threaded in the prescribed order; otherwise, unsewing, disconnecting or skipping may be caused;(2) tension of the thread: the tension of the thread is an important aspect of successful sewing, and improper adjustment will lead to breakage, jumping needle and puncturing the bag. The tension adjusters of heavy material (such as sacks) are slightly relaxed; Tighten wire tension regulator with light material; Feed rate of the adjustment line according to needle distance and bag thickness; When adjusting the tightness of the needle thread, the tightness of the ring spinner must be adjusted accordingly.(3) press-foot pressure: if the opposite side of the suture line looks like the scratch mark of the cloth feeding tooth, or the actual stitch length is lower than the preset feeding tooth feeding speed, it indicates that the pressure is too high, and the needle plate spring adjusting screw should be released; If the stitching is not straight or uniform, the needle plate spring adjusting screw should be tightened to increase the pressure. In addition, the pressure is reduced when sewing sacks and other heavy materials, and the pressure is increased when sewing plastic woven bags and other lightweight materials.(4) adjustment of the ring breaker: rotate the belt pulley along the forward direction and adjust the crank of both arms to make the breaker break away from the center line of the needle when the needle is at the maximum retraction position (7mm);(5) feeding mechanism adjustment: ensure that the feeding tooth does not touch the needle plate when passing, and there should be a 1.5mm gap between the tooth and the needle plate in the front feeding tooth; The width of the pin can be adjusted from 7mm to 11.5mm as required. When changing the width of the pin, the gap between the pin guide plate and the needle will also change, so the needle guide plate must be adjusted accordingly.(6) adjustment of scissors: in order to make the upper/lower blade bite, manually move the upper blade. When the two blades bite, adjust the gap between the ends of the two blades to 0.1-0.2mm.


2..use paper bag sealing strip

Sealing strip,as the name implies, it ACTS on various kinds of bag mouth, and plays the role of sealing storage of goods in the bag. This product is first used by foreign enterprises, and is used for high-end bag packaging. Its specification length fully matches the width of all kinds of bags mouth, which is environmentally friendly and small, has good sealing performance, easy to use, and has received good feedback from customers.The following are steps to use:(1)Tear the seal(2)Paste to pocket mouth(3)Fold the pocket mouth in the same direction(4)Fold both ends of the sealing strip in opposite direction.That's it.


3.kraft paper bag with its own seal

Some come with their own sealing strips.For these paper bags,we only need to use the end of the use, with the hand to line up with the sealing strip can be.This is the simplest and most convenient method.


The cost of buying a cowhide paper bag is still relatively favorable, does not require much expense, the purchase cost is also very low. It is also the best type of paper bag to be used in large shopping malls. It is easy to be loved by customers, so that customers are willing to buy food packed with this kind of paper bag, because it is stronger and more environmentally friendly than white plastic bag.Last but not least,it's the best way to store this type of food.

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