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Velcro Zipper Application

The main characteristic of  this style of zipper is it's ease of alignment and minimal pressure required to reclose the pack. For the consumer there is a reassuring audible click when the zipper is closed. It is also particularly well suited to applications involving powder such as whey protein powders. The multi rows of hooks ensures that there is always some contact between both sides of the zipper even if they are not aligned totally.
Pocket Zipper Application 

pocket zippers are a very efficient and user-friendly form of zipper. It opens on the side of the pouch as opposed to most zippers which open on the top of the pack. This makes filling the pouch much easier as the opening of the pouch is not obstructed by the zipper leading to higher machine run times. They are also very user friendly being completely tamper evident and much easier to open and reclose than other types of zippers. 
Hot Stamp Printing 

Hot Stamp Printing allows your company to package your product with a custom solution that creates brand recognition that your customers and potential customer will remember. A clear and simple attention-grabbing design provides an immediate connection with your audience. Make your brand stand out with our Hot Stamp Printing solution.
WICOVALVE®-World's Most Reliable Degassing Valve 

Air,moisture,sun light and high temperature are four enemies of fresh coffee. Only a good one way degassing valve is good for keeping coffee fresh and maximizing the coffee’s life! 
DXC Pack is the WICOVALVE® China Exclusive Agent!

Kraft Window - Custom Design

"Kraft bag with window" isn't a tough technology now, we could see window with common shape like oval, square, round in the market, but if every supplier could help you to make special window? You have idea, we have technology, let us help you to make the more special pouches that others hard to copy.
De-Metalized Window 

Think of Special customized pouches,which others difficult of copy? Maybe try this Metalized pouch?
1.Customized Window 
2.Registered matte varnish 
3.Stand up pouch with zipper shape
4.Laser score easy open
Rice Paper - New Environmental Paper Type 

Not only we are envirnmental protetion, but we are great look!
The window on the pouch gives the consumers a sneak peek and the look and feel of this packaging is chic and luxe. You are sure to catch the eyes of your target market with DXC Rice Paper Bags.
Tin-Tie Application 

Tin Ties are a popular accessory to Re-closing your favorite food packaging bags and pouches. They allow you to close the bag tightly after each use, keeping your coffee products from becoming stale due to the outside air.
We also have speical Tin-Tie in Paper material.!
Easy Open Laser Score 

Laser scoring is a process of utilizing a focused spot of energy to remove material to a specified depth. There are many uses for this technology across a variety of industries, one of the most prominent being flexible packaging. It delivers a controlled score depth for easy open packaging while maintaining a film's barrier property.
Plastic Handle Application 

Various color and shape for your reference, it can withstand more than 10kg pack.
Usage: Rice packaging, Cereal packaging, Flour packaging, Pet food packaging and etc.