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The Correct Way of Using Food Packaging Bags

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Bad-quality food packaging bags can release poisonous chemical elements into the food. And different foods suits different kinds of food packaging bags. So, knowing the correct ways to use food package bags is important to us.


From getting up early to going to bed late, we need to consume a lot of food in one day. And as more and more people are turning to baking and cooking, the number of individual consumers buying food packaging is also on the rise. However, a lot of friends in the purchase and use of food packaging often often into the mistake, today let xiaobian teach you how to go out of the mistake, the correct choice, use food packaging.


Identification of toxic food packaging bags and plastic bags with no toxicity can be used to identify the following simple methods:


Water detection method: put the plastic bags into the water, non-toxic plastic bags into the water, can surface; Toxic plastic bags do not float upwards.


Hand touch detection method: touch the plastic bag, there is a sense of lubrication non-toxic; It's toxic.


Shake detection method: hold the end of the plastic bag with your hand, hard to clap, issued a clear sound of non-toxic; The reverse is toxic.


Fire detection method: you can cut a side of the plastic bag, with fire, toxic and not easy to burn; Non-toxic burns easily in fire.


Proper selection of food packaging bags selection and use of qualified plastic food packaging bags, should pay attention to the following points:


1. The outer packaging of plastic food bags shall be marked in Chinese, indicating the name, address and product name of the manufacturer, and clearly marked "for food". The products are attached with the product inspection certificate.


2. The plastic food packaging bags are odorless and odourless when they leave the factory. The plastic packaging bags with special smell shall not be used for food packaging.


3. Colored plastic bags (dark red or black or other colors used in the current market) cannot be used for food packaging. This is because such bags are often made from recycled plastic.


4. Try to choose materials without coating or coating. Modern packaging design, in order to make the packaging more beautiful, corrosion resistance, use a lot of additional coating materials. This not only brings difficulties to the recycling and reuse of product waste, but also most of the paint itself is toxic, if people eat these packaged food, it will do great harm to the human body. In addition, the coating and electroplating process also bring great pollution to the environment. Such as paint volatile toxic solvent gas, electroplating chromium and other heavy metal waste liquid, waste residue pollution. Therefore, should choose no coating, no coating packaging materials.


5.The best choice of food to buy in the mall, not to the street stalls to buy.


6. For the characteristic of plastic bag which cannot be easily degradabled, it can cause environmental pollution. Accordingly, when buying food, people had better choose green packaging material. Paper is the most widely used green packaging material. Therefore, it is better to choose the original paper packaging when choosing food. Biodegradable plastics are also available.


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