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The Next Big Thing in Frozen Food Packaging Bag

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The Next Big Thing in Frozen Food Packaging Bags

With the increasing international demand for protecting the earth and conserving resources, the requirements for packaging of frozen products are becoming stricter. Environmentally friendly vertical frozen food packaging bags that are harmless, non-polluting and recyclable play an important role in the export of commodities. The Next Big Thing in Frozen Food Packaging Bags is a new environmentally friendly stand up pouches for packaging frozen food that can be used for sustainable use. Let's talk about the environmentally friendly materials that can be recycled continuously.

1.PVA water soluble film

Water-soluble PVA film is a new type of green environmental protection vertical packaging material developed in recent years. It has the dual characteristics of water solubility and biodegradation. It can be completely degraded into carbon dioxide and water. It has a wide range of applications in the soft packaging industry of frozen foods. Excellent market prospects. PVA film has good barrier properties to gas and oil resistance. These features can greatly extend the shelf life of frozen foods packaged in vertical bags and maintain their composition and odor intact.

2. Nano packaging material

Using nanometer technology to the traditional stand up pouches for packaging frozen food materials for modification. Material has high strength and high hardness, high toughness, high barrier property, and the characteristics of high antibacterial ability, make it the most conducive to the implementation of the implementation of the green packaging in realizing the function of packaging and environmental performance of frozen food materials. Facilitate the realization of frozen food packing bags of vertical decrement, facilitate the biodegradable properties of reinforced material.

3. Fresh corrugated cardboard

The corrugated board is mainly used for fresh-keeping packaging of frozen foods and vegetables. The key to preservation is that it has a certain gas barrier property. It is advantageous for the freshness preservation of vegetables and fruits. It forms a gas barrier layer on paperboard using an aqueous solution of sodium alginate or a water-dispersible resin, which has a lower gas barrier property than a plastic film and can be dissociated in water. It is a high quality and environmentally friendly frozen food package.

Finally, environmentally friendly, sustainable frozen food packaging is nothing new to some consumers, but all research shows that this is an exercise that only gains motivation. Almost all frozen food packaging manufacturers are taking steps to reduce the impact on the environment. Compared to fresh food consumed by the family, frozen food waste is reduced by nearly 50%. Families are wasting less food because they don't lose more food because of corruption. In the future, stand up pouches for food packaging for environmentally-friendly frozen foods are a trend that will laminate multiple layers of special food-grade films together to form a barrier that not only protects their contents, but also helps seal freshness. Puncture-resistant, stand up pouches for food packaging can withstand the sharp edges often produced when food freezes. We must pay attention to the stand up pouches for food packaging materials of frozen foods to truly protect the earth and protect our homes.



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