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The Secret of the Coffee Bag

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As coffee grows more and more popular, many begin to get coffee from coffee bags. Have you noticed that the secret letters on the coffee bag? What are their meanings? Let’s find out together.


N/MD/D -- roasting degree of coffee beans


M= Medium

MD=Medium Dark



How does roasting affect the taste of coffee?

As the roasting degree increases, the coffee will become less sour and more bitter, so the roasting technology can determine the taste of coffee beans to some extent.


Coffee baking history

At first, raw coffee beans were boiled and drunk without being roasted. The roasting of coffee beans began around the 15th century. When people first started roasting coffee beans, baking was a housewife's job. By the 19th century, specialized roasting factories had been developed.


E/P/F -- coffee bean extraction method

E=Espresso Espresso machine

P=Plunger French press

F=Filter drip or hand wash pot


What do the name and brand on the coffee package stand for        

Country name name of origin: where the coffee is produced." For example, harar Ethiopia says the product is made in harar Ethiopia. It should be noted that the name of the country is the same, but the region and the year are different, the quality of coffee is different, and the taste of coffee is not necessarily the same.


Export port: represents the port of export of coffee. Coffee of the same origin and brand is shipped at the same port of export. For example, "santos, Brazil" means shipment from port santos. But mogadishu is an exception, because more than one port is named after it. For example, "Morgan Stanley", "harare mogadishu".


Original name/variety name: coffee is only exported to Arab countries, so it's easy to confuse the original name with the country's name. For the export of Arabic and robusta coffee, the name of the product shall be indicated in the name of the product. Like Cameroon. Arab ", "Uganda. Robusta and so on.


Mountain name: such as blue mountains (Jamaica), chahah (Indonesia), couver mountain (costa rica), kurista mountain (Cuba), Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), hagan mountain (Papua New Guinea) and other well-known brands.


Grade/brand: Each country is based on its own criteria as follows:


A) washable/non-washable

B) flat beans/round beans

C) filter The size of the bean is not closely related to its quality.

D) by origin elevation Generally, coffee beans grown at high altitudes are of better quality than those grown at low altitudes.

E) quality standards According to the type and quantity of defective beans mixed in a certain amount of samples, the number of incomplete points is converted to reflect the quality of coffee beans. Brazil, Ethiopia, Cuba, etc., have established the base of back count. Of course, the smaller the credit, the better the quality of the coffee.

F) tasteIn Brazil, Haiti, Kenya, Congo and other places have their own taste assessment criteria, qualified before export.

G: the name of the exporter; Indicates the name of the vessel carrying coffee or the exporter of the business.


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