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The Secrets to Stand up Pouches for Food Packaging

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In daily life, whether shopping or family, everywhere is exquisitely designed, easy to use vertical bag. In fact, vertical bag, like food of close-fitting clothing, it not only protecting food role, and facilitate the storage, transportation and food sales. Will tell from the following several secrets to stand up pouches for food packaging.


For vertical bag packaging of food, from a few grams, dozens of grams, a few hundred grams, to a few kilograms, 25 kg, even be able to do this kind of vertical bag thickness generally between 2.5 wire - 20 wire, that is 25 micron - 200 microns (what we call the food packaging refers to the sale, transportation, retail process can finish the packing tasks of vertical bag).

2. The sealing temperature

Different stand up pouches for food packaging with different vertical heat sealing temperature, low temperature will cause loose seal, high temperature will wrinkle the clip-on device. Stand up pouches is the most commonly used material, PE, hdpe melt temperature range of 132-132 ℃, low density polyethylene with low melting point (112 ℃) and wide range.

3. The matters needing attention of vertical bag packaging food

Vertical bag for food packing of customized manufacturer must have qualifications of formal enterprises. Vertical manufacturer production of food packaging must conform to the food safety standards. The choice of vertical food packaging material should meet the following requirements: biodegradable or recycled, accord with environmental protection requirements. 

Comply with relevant food containers and packaging materials and health standards. Vertical packaging shall be in bulk food containers, the mark on the outer packing food's name, date of production or production batch number, expiration date and production operator name, address, contact information, etc. Qualified vertical food packaging factory sales must be printing "QS" logo, not the logos may not be sold into the market. 

Food packaging should have sufficient thickness and strength, so as to ensure the function of the vertical packs.

4. The process

Set a Vertical bag for food packing specification, material, thickness, bag type, according to the data for business designer or team of professional design and production outsourcing design drawings. 

At the time of design, in particular, should pay attention to the words on the packet information. And then there are the plate-making stand up pouches for food packaging after the drawings to determine, need professional technicians to design for color separation on the vertical bag, to fix some not clear place, at the same time also need a dozen process to complete the process. 

Next, it is printed. After the raw material to prepare, using high-speed presses vertical bag surface film of food packaging printing, printing each color has a plate roll, plate rolling is carved intaglio engraving. And then the composite. 

After printing, food packaging bag vertical surface membrane and easy to heat sealing layer membrane composite with special glue peritoneal machine at high speed. Compound has been completed, need to be more than 45 degrees curing aging chamber, in order to make plastic bags is not easy to take off a layer. Did you make the final vertical bag?

After curing, stand up pouches for food packaging of production has been coming to an end, this time is need to have certain skills, technical personnel must ensure that the color bags sealing side is good, do not leak.

These are secrets to stand up pouches for food packaging.

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