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This Week's Top Stories About Frozen Food Packaging Bags

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This Week's Top Stories About Frozen Food Packaging Bags


This week, we learned that frozen food prices are rising again: According to the latest report from Royal Bank of Canada Capital Markets, the frozen food market has grown in the first 12 weeks of 2018. This marks the first time in five years that the frozen food market has experienced growth. The packaging of frozen foods is more challenging than in other industries. We have found that frozen food packaging suppliers are in good service when using stand up pouches for food packaging. Laminating multiple layers of special food grade film together to form a barrier that not only protects its contents, but also helps to "extend" the product by sealing freshness, flavor and nutritional properties.

Frozen foods can be healthy, convenient, and wasteful. In recent years, high-quality efforts in the freezing space have succeeded in challenging consumers' attention to shelves through superior frozen food packaging design. Traditional pillow packs with low or medium quality graphics won't win new customers who often buy fresh produce. Instead, a new generation of frozen foods - eye-catching in high-definition graphics in vertical bags - is responsible for new market growth.

Frozen food manufacturers must use superior packaging to stand out in the already crowded freezer section. Vertical bag packaging products stand out from the competition as they will stand on the shelves of the frozen food portion of the store. Optional round or wide-edge lifting holes are also available, if necessary, to provide a second display option. Because they stand on the refrigerator, it is easy to stand up. Also convenient is the available tear notch, which allows the package of the frozen product to be opened quickly. Finally, the optional zip closure system provides additional protection and further functionality to maintain the shelf life of the frozen product package.

Food packaging stand-up pouches have become increasingly popular over the past few years. They are lighter than traditional bottles and cans, are cheaper to produce, are easier to transport, and are more environmentally friendly. Although composed of multiple layers, each bag reduces material requirements by up to 12% compared to most other bags. This means that food packaging stand-up pouches are lighter in weight and therefore require less fuel per unit of transport. This also means less material is produced after processing. Of course, most food packaging stand-up pouches are recyclable.

As more and more consumers become aware of the benefits of frozen foods, frozen food packaging is now being designed with quality in mind. The packaging is more visually appealing and tactile, the seal is safer and the overall quality is generally improved. Remember, vertical food packaging is the most suitable for frozen food packaging. Vertical food packaging bags are hygienic, cold resistant, impact resistant, puncture resistant and pressure resistant and have a strong heat seal strength. The packaging material that can protect the quality of frozen food and reflect its commodity value and make the comprehensive packaging cost reasonable is the vertical food packaging bag. This will be a brand new era of food packaging.




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