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What Are the Basic Common Sence of Food Packaging Bags?

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We use lots of food packaging bags in our daily life. The quality of food package bags will directly influence our body health. It is a kind of packaging design. In order to facilitate the preservation, storage of food, thus people produced food packaging bag. Food packaging bag refers to the direct contact with food, used for holding and protecting food film containers. So, what are the basic common sence of food packaging bags?


Food packaging bags can be divided into ordinary food packaging bags, vacuum food packaging bags, inflatable food packaging bags, boiling food packaging bags, cooking food packaging bags and functional food packaging bags.

1. Increase the variety of convenient food

Convenient food has its local flavor, it can be circulated only after the packaging , so that all famous and excellent food exchanges, increase People's Daily food categories. Fresh food, such as frozen dumplings, packaged meals and preservation technology, can be convenient for people to eat.


2. Packaged food is convenient for circulation

Some packaging is the circulation of food containers, such as bottled wine, beverages, canned sense, bulk milk powder, etc., these packaging bottles, cans and bags are the packaging containers. It is also a vehicle for the circulation and sale of food. It brings great convenience to the circulation of food.


3. Prevent food pollution convenient cooking food, using special packaging technology

Food in circulation, to contact with containers and human hands, easy to make food contaminated, after the packaging of food can avoid the occurrence of this phenomenon, is conducive to the health of consumers.


4. Protect the appearance quality of food to produce certain economic benefits

Food is in whole current process, want to pass carry, assemble and unload, carry and store, easy cause the damage of food exterior quality, after food passes inside, outer package, can protect food very well, lest cause damage.


5. Promote the rationality and planning of food circulation

Some fresh food, perishable, not easy to far transport, such as fruit and aquatic products, made in the origin of a variety of cans, can reduce waste, reduce transport costs, and can promote the rationality of food circulation and planning.


6. Protect the original quality of food and extend the shelf life of food

Food quality changes and deteriorates throughout its distribution. Food itself has certain nutrients and water, which are the basic conditions for the production and reproduction of bacteria, mildew and yeast. If the food used in sterile packaging or packaging after high temperature sterilization, refrigeration and other treatment, it will prevent the occurrence of food corruption, extend the shelf life of food.


At the same time, the food itself has a certain amount of water, when these water content changes, will lead to food flavor changes or worse. If the corresponding moisture-proof packaging technology can prevent the occurrence of the above phenomenon, but also effectively extend the shelf life of food.


Moreover, when food is in circulation, it will be easily oxidized when it is directly irradiated by sunlight and light, and when it is at high temperature.

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