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What Are the requirements of Packaging Technique for Food Packaging Bags?

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Our market is like a food packaging bag. In behind, there are many techniques and hark works. And today, let’s find out what are the requirements of packaging technique pf food packaging bags.


Choose packaging materials with appropriate protective functions

Traditional packaging materials are mainly glass bottles, metal cans, cartons, cartons and so on. Modern food packaging materials are mainly plastic, paper, composite materials (plastic/plastic, plastic/paper, plastic/aluminum, foil/paper/plastic and other multi-layer composite materials) and so on.


1. Composite materials composite materials are the most types of the most widely used soft packaging materials. At present, there are more than 30 kinds of plastics used in food packaging, and there are hundreds of multi-layer composite materials containing plastics. Composite materials generally use 2-6 layers, but special needs up to 10 layers or more. The plastic, paper or thin paper machine, aluminum foil and other base materials, scientific and reasonable composite or layer compatibility, can almost meet the requirements of different food packaging.


2. There are 15 or 6 kinds of plastics for food packaging in China, such as PE, PP, PS, PET, PA, PVDC, EVA, PVA, EVOH, PVC and ion-bonded resin. Among them, PVA, EVOH, PVDC, PET, PA, PVDC, PP and PE have high oxygen resistance. Radiation resistance, such as PS aromatic nylon; Low temperature resistance, such as PE, EVA, Poet, PA, etc. Oil resistance and good mechanical properties, such as ionic bond resin, PA, PET, that is, high temperature sterilization and low temperature resistance, such as PET, PA and other plastics. IC monomer molecular structure is different, the degree of polymerization is different, the type and number of additives are different, the performance is different, even the same plastic different brand performance will have differences. Therefore, suitable plastics or the combination of plastics and other materials must be selected according to the needs. Improper selection may lead to the decline of food quality or even the loss of edible value.


3.Paper and cardboard modern packaging mainly USES a variety of processing potato (cardboard), composite paper, laminated paper (cardboard), such as polymer processing paper, wax processing paper, oil processing paper, cellophane, parchment, aluminum foil, paper/aluminum foil laminated paper, etc.. Each. In transportation packaging, the consumption of corrugated cardboard, corrugated cartons, almost most of them are pallets instead of wooden boxes. Honeycomb cartons are the latest in high strength cartons. In addition, there is a point to pay attention to, aluminized paper, aluminized plastic and paper/aluminum foil composite material, plastic/aluminum foil composite material inherent structure, performance, cost and other aspects of the different, should be based on different protection requirements. Appropriate selection of TS and cost requirements.


Adopt advanced packing technology

In order to extend the shelf life, use of the continuous development of new packaging technology, active packaging, such as mildew packing, moisture-proof packaging, prevent mist, anti-static packaging, packaging, selective permeability antiskid packaging, packaging, etc., the new technology, widely used in developed countries, is not used widely in our country, some methods are blank, application of these advanced technology can improve the protective function of packaging.


Choose and food processing technology matching packaging machinery and equipment

In order to meet the needs of food processing technology, a variety of new packaging equipment such as vacuum packaging machine, vacuum inflatable packaging machine, thermal shrinkage packaging machine, blister packaging machine, composite packaging machine and sheet heat treatment have been developed. Forming equipment, liquid filling machine, forming/filling/sealing packaging machine, aseptic packaging complete set of equipment. According to the selection of packaging materials and packaging methods, food processing process selection or design, packaging machinery production capacity, is the guarantee of the success of packaging.


Packaging decoration design and brand awareness of packaging design

Packaging and decoration design should be in line with the consumer and exporting country consumer preferences and habits. The design is best coordinated with the interior. The label shall be in a prominent position and the written description shall meet the food requirements. The product description shall be true. Trademarks should be catchy, easy to understand, easy to spread, can play a wide role in publicity. The packaging design of famous brand commodity should be famous brand consciousness, the packaging of some products is changed easily, affect sale, for instance the old 6 vinegar of China have better reputation in Japan and southeast Asia, but the sale volume after changing a packaging decreases greatly, the reason is consumer has doubt to new packaging. Therefore, a product should be scientifically packaged, and not easily changed.


Packaging bag has become a part of our life, so small make up for you to interpret the requirements of food packaging technology, I hope we can have a clear understanding.

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