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What are stand up pouches

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What are stand up pouches


stand up pouch packaging  is a kind of plastic composite flexible packaging, which is named according to its shape characteristics. The English name of self-supporting bag originated from Thimonier, France. In 1963, Mr. M. Louis Doyen, CEO of Thimonier, France, successfully applied for a patent for self-supporting bag. Since then, doypack has become the official name of self-supporting bag. By 1990s, it was widely recognized in the US market and popularized worldwide.


It refers to a kind of soft packaging bag with horizontal support structure at the bottom, which can stand on its own without any support and whether it is opened or not. Stand up pouches is a relatively new packaging form, which has advantages in improving product grade, enhancing shelf visual effect, portable, convenient use, fresh-keeping, sealing and so on. According to market rules, only different products can hold the market steadily, and vertical bags can provide manufacturers with this unique selling point. It has a unique appearance, a strong visual impact on consumers and improves the product grade, so as to achieve better marketing benefits.


The standing pouch is laminated by PET/foil/PET/PE structure. It can also be made of two or three layers of other specifications. It can increase the oxygen-insulating protective layer according to the different packaging products, reduce the oxygen permeability and prolong the shelf life of the products. Upright bags can be used for packaging food, accessories, textiles and liquids. Application scope of liquid packaging bags: vertical packaging bags are mainly used in juice drinks, sports drinks, bottled drinking water, suction jelly, condiments and other products, in addition to the food industry, but also used in some detergents, daily cosmetics, pharmaceutical products and other products.


Adding plastic suction nozzles at the mouth of the bag makes it more convenient to use, highlights the personality of the product, improves the quality of your products, and brings greater profits to your enterprise. Self-contained bags with zippers can also be re-sealed and re-opened. The three edges are directly sealed with zippers, which are generally used to hold light products. Straight bags with zippers are generally used to pack light solids, such as tea, candy, biscuits, cosmetic suits, underwear and so on. Erect bags’ properties include moisture-proof, good sealing performance, and can prevent food oxidation.


Upright bags are divided into ordinary erect bags, upright bag with suction nozzle, vertical bag with zipper (self supported zipper bag), imitation mouth type upright bag, abnormity upright bag.

Ordinary erect bags. Also known as side sealed upright bag, is a kind of packaging that can not be renewed after opening.

Upright bag with suction nozzle.It is a kind of packaging that combines bottle and soft packaging of material. It can be closed after opening many times. It has used beverage packaging, liquid condiment, jelly and so on for a long time.

stand up bag with zipper (self supported zipper bag).According to the different types of seals, it can be divided into four-sided seals and three-sided seals. Four-sided seals refer to the flexible packaging product after packaging, in addition to zipper seals, but also need to seal one side. When applied, the edge should be ripped.

The three side seal is not sealed again, but only by zipping. Trilateral seals have less edge strength than quadrangular seals. Commonly used products with lighter dress (such as candy, biscuits, etc.) and quadrangular seals can also contain heavier products (such as rice, etc.).

Imitation mouth type upright bag. The mouth like upright bag combines the convenience of the upright bag with suction nozzle and the cheap price of the ordinary upright bag. That is, the function of the suction nozzle can be realized through the shape of the bag itself. However, the mouth-like vertical bag can not be re-sealed, so it is generally used in the packaging of disposable liquid, colloid and semi-solid products such as beverages and jelly.

Abnormity upright bag. That is to say, according to the packaging needs, new vertical bags of various shapes are produced by changing the traditional bags, such as waist-closing design, bottom deformation design, handheld design and so on. It is the main direction for the development of erect bags.


Understand the characteristics and classification of erect bags. In short, the vertical bag refers to a kind of soft packaging bag with horizontal support structure at the bottom, which can stand on its own without any support and whether it is opened or not.

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