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Why Pet Food Packaging Material Had Been So Popular Till Now?

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Nowadays, people's life is gradually improving, and many families will have pets. If you have a pet in your home, you will definitely feed it. Now there are a lot of specialty pet foods, which will provide you with some convenience when you have pets. Let you not worry about the daily diet of your little pet. In general, pet foods are placed in pet food pouches, which are specially prepared for pets. There are several reasons that explain the popularity of pet food packaging materials.


First of all, as consumers are becoming more concerned towards health of their pets, they are looking for quality packaging that can protect pet food products. Factors such as the improving global economy, increase in pet ownership, high disposable income, changing lifestyles, pet humanization, and the growing middle-class families in emerging countries such as China and India have increased the consumption of pet food products. This in turn has stimulated the demand for pet food packaging.

Increasing disposable incomes of people in developing countries, the rising single-person household, increasing number of nuclear families, changing lifestyles of people, and the rising consumer expectations towards sustainable packaging drive the growth of the pet food packaging market.


In addition, pet food packaging pouches are used to protect food, prevent food from deteriorating and damp, and extend the life of food for as long as possible, in order to take the quality of food into account. It is also convenient, you don't have to go to the food store to buy food all day, it is easy to carry. When you go out with pets, you can feed your little pets at any time, it is not only a convenient product, but also its appearance is beautiful, so that you will not be able to get out of it because of its ugliness, this can make you feel at ease. And the price of this pouch is not high, it could be bought in the pet food store. It is both lightweight and easy to carry.

The pet food pouch brings delicious food to your little pet and also has a small pouch of your own. For the vast number of manufacturers, this low-cost pouch can get your big profits, and the volume is not very large, therefore it is convenient to carry around in life. It can be seen that the value of the pet food packaging pouches is still relatively high, especially in terms of its value in use. The pouch brings new food to your pet and brings a good day. Due to the pet food packaging pouches, our pets have become more cute.


Last but not least, food packaging materials are different due to the variety of pet foods. The common pet food packaging material on the market are plastic flexible packaging, self-supporting zipper pouches, composite plastic packaging, paper-plastic packaging, aluminum-plastic packaging eight-sided sealed stand-up pouches, middle-sealed organ pouches and tinplate packaging cans. Regardless of the type of packaging, the integrity of the package is very crucial. If the package has pores or leaks, oxygen and water vapor will enter the package, causing the pet food to change qualitatively. The integrity of the package is likely to occur in the heat seal of the package, the lid of the can and other materials that are butted. The most commonly used zipper self-supporting composite plastic flexible packaging and aluminum plastic packaging. The composite structure can effectively improve the overall force and barrier performance of the package.


In a word, according to different types of pet foods, size and weight of each package, packaged pouch type, pet food manufacturer's test requirements for packaging pouches, pet food processed food processing methods, pet food packaging after storage period requirements, pet food packaging pouch design requirements and so on to analyze, balance and choose the most reasonable value of the composite structure to enhance the maximum value of pet food packaging bags.

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