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Why my coffee packaging bags is better than yours

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Compared with the coffee packaging of other businesses, our packaging bags have advantages in terms of design and material. The packing bag is very particular about its structure. Of course, the process is also unique, such as easy to tear the thread, re-sealing zipper, positive and negative printing effect aluminum washing effect, are our unique process. Bag type also has 4 kinds of different styles: flat bag, 4 side sealing, self-supporting bag, cowhide paper bag. Give customers the style they want most according to their choice.

1   Aluminum foil or aluminum coating

Aluminum foil and aluminum coating can make coffee better isolated from the air, with waterproof, oxygen, shielding, moisture, light, puncture resistance and other characteristics. Coffee beans will not be easy to be affected by moisture and other factors that lead to deterioration, into. To enable businesses to better ensure the quality of coffee beans so as to provide customers with the best products

2.   High insulation transparent material

This material effectively guarantees the quality of products. In particular, some customers want to see the appearance of the product, when we use this special material, not only to appreciate the variety of products, but also to isolate air moisture and other external factors that can easily cause product deterioration. Make the product meet the requirements in practicality.

3.      One-way exhaust valve

After roasting coffee beans, the ingredients in raw coffee beans produce a series of chemical and physical reactions. In cooked beans, due to the destruction of cell walls, a large amount of carbon dioxide will be released, and the bag will burst without the use of vacuum packaging without exhaust valve. The roasted coffee cannot touch the air, because the cooked beans are easy to be oxidized, and the oxidized beans have no flavor. Therefore, this exhaust valve is a single exhaust valve, which can only allow the air inside to come out, and the air outside cannot come in.

4.      Coffee bars of various materials

The material is made of plastic or Kraft paper and comes in a variety of colour for customers to choose from. And this kind of strip bag type is convenient to carry, the weight of a bag is just enough to meet the needs of a cup of coffee. And there is an easy to tear thread on the bag, customers can tear the packaging bag very easily along the line, do not spend time looking for scissors to cut it.、

In general our packing bags are not only the best in material, but also much cheaper than others in price. We try our best to be the most economical in cost. While in quality we are strictly doing our best

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