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Advantages And Disadvantages Of  Stand Up Pouches

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Stand up pouches, also known as "flexible packaging", offer manufacturers and  consumers a better choice over other traditional packaging options. In terms of manufacturing, flexible films can be fully automated in the form of webs or pre-manufactured for low volume, which realizes semi-automated applied into life. Physically, the benefits of high-gloss surface treatment save space during transport, and the features of it are the reasons of attracting stand-up pouches for packaging liquids or dry ingredients. 
Compared with box or printed polyethylene bags, the major advantages are easy-to-convert, automated printing  speed and increased life of product. But they also have their own disadvantages differ from each other. Here I will introduce the pros and cons of metalized stand up bags, clear stand up pouches and aluminum foil stand up pokes.
The metalized stand up pokes can protect light-sensitive products perfectly, keep them fresh in a long time, while it still have other advantages and disadvantages.

Metalized Stand up Bags Advantages

1.Due to their opacity, the printing on the bags is more noticeable 
2.They are cost effective and have excellent barrier properties.
3.They are puncture resistant and have a stronger film selection
4.These are opaque and do not allow light come into, so they are beneficial for light-sensitive products. 

Metalized Stand up Bags Disadvantages

These are all not transparent. As a result, customers cannot see what is stored in it before they purchase.

The transparent stand-up pouch has a clear body that you can see through them. They have their own strengths and limitations. Let's take a look at them.
Clear Stand up Bags Benefits: 
1.They have excellent barrier properties, which can protect products well.
2.They often have anti-puncture and strong film, which helps avoid accidents during transportation.
3.These transparent bags can be checked by consumers and urge them make decision on purchasing.
4.According to the needs of different buyers, many types of clear structures can be selected. 
5.Have the feature of high cost-effective, the price depends on the thickness of the pouches and the required number of layers.
Clear Stand up Bags  Limitations
1.If you plan to sell a product that is sensitive to light, you should buy an opaque pouch. Through the transparency, light will enter the bag and react with the contents stored inside. 
2.With a completely transparent body, you won't have access to print brand or product information. So your marketing opportunities will decrease. 

Aluminum foil stand up pokes

Aluminum foil stand up bags is sturdy and can protect the good well, and its pros and cons as follows. Take a look on them.
1.Provides anti-puncture and sturdy structure
2.These are also opaque and therefore beneficial for light-sensitive products.
3.Opacity helps to print naturally without having underprint
1.These are a bit more expensive than other vertical bag structures.
2.Cannot be used in microwave oven
The flexible pouch protects the contents from moisture, vapors, odors, insects, air and light. when sealed, the barrier of stand up sacks, including foil and nylon, maintain the freshness, flavor and nutritional qualities of the contaminant. In addition, the stand up poke is very convenient to use. These bags with bottom save the shelf space for consumers and help them store in garages , kitchen or refrigerators conveniently. An optional tear groove makes the bag very easy to open. Zipper locks (for drying products) and pour spouts (for liquids) are available and have good features for reclosing. 

But they are not have all advantages except disadvantages. As you can see, there are pros and cons to using stand up pouches. Before choosing the right stand-up pouch, please pay attention to your product packaging requirements. If you are unable to make up your mind, you can contact our experts and we will help you.
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