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Applications of Flat Bottom Bags

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The flat-bottom pouch gets its name from bottom panel, which is completely flat. It may also be referred to a box pouch because it looks like a box from the front. This format is an improved variation of the standard stand up pouch. The main difference between them is that the flat-bottom sake has five panels sealed together, which will give you more presentation area. Because the pouch is flexible, it can take up less room in a crowded cupboard space than a rigid format.

This highly ideal flat-bottom bag offers incredible shelf stability due to its sturdy, level bottom. Because the base is flat and secure, it becomes a perfect packaging carrier for many consumer products. The flat bottom bags are usually used in liquid packing, food packing and animal packaging.
You should choose flat bottom bags liquid packaging if you want to have a safe and leak-proof casing. 
Liquid packaging is safer than glass or bottle packaging, for it has greater flexibility during the storage process. The requirements for liquid substances is growing rapidly; correct packaging is needed to accommodate various forms of liquid substances. The most commonly features of liquid packaging include leak-proof, so the casing must includes some plastic film in the material to meet the requirements of liquid packaging in law. Safety is also ensured in flat bottom packs.

Flat bottom pouches liquid packaging not only facilitates the transportation, stores liquid substances well, but also improves the overall visibility of products on the shelf. The most popular forms of liquid packaging include: water, fruit juice, herbal tea and coffee, cooking oil and vinegar, salad and syrup etc. The packaging of liquid products should not be limited by the method of hard cans. Flat bottom bags liquid packaging supports various forms or requirements of different liquid products.
Although we may be used to wrapping up our food in sealed plastic, the casing should not be limited to plastic.
Flat bottom pouch food packaging remains its status as a popular package since it was invented. Although you may not be able to find them in as many stores as possible, flat bottom poke is still a pinup choice for food because they are more durable and environmentally friendly. Choose high quality flat bottom sacks for your food product, you can increase its professional appearance that consumers may like and appreciate. Needless to say, you can print your own custom brand to any flat bottom pouches, which can promote your business development.

Flat bottom sacks food packing can contain coffee beans and dry fruits, nuts and dried fruit, rice and grains, snack and baked goods, spices etc. If you want to find an environmentally friendly and efficient packaging for your coffee, tea or other edible products, equip them with overall value and customer appeal, choose flat bottom bags with special characteristics to keep them fresh and make your brand more aesthetic.
You can choose flat bottom bags as your animal food package, which can contain pet food like dog food, cat food, bird food and horse food. 
Usually the packaging has a metallized layer and high barrier to ensure the freshness of products, thereby improving the shelf life of pet food. Pet food packaging has different sizes, colors and styles. Packaging bags can be customized according to your preferences.

Custom your pet food packaging sacks is advantageous because: it improves the appearance of your packaging, increases sales at last. At the same time, it can separate your products from competitors' and improve brand loyalty. Besides, flat bottom packs animal food packaging protects pet food during the distribution process. The use of flat bottom packs ensures that the packaging is durable and enough for different pet food. Flat bottom bags are reliable, safe and cost-effective. 

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