China Flexible Packaging manufacturer for Stand Up Pouches, Flat Bottom Bags, Laminated Paper Bags, Coffee Bags, Pet Food Bags with 14 years experiences.
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General Information

  • Q The way you should do to your business with our support as follow

    1.Tell us your idea or send us the design. 2.Our designers transfer it to producing available drafts with die line information. 3.The quotation will be sent when we both have an available plan on production. 4.We finalize the details. 5.Providing samples (including product and proof for colors). 6.Cylinder making. 7.Colors alignment before starting the mass production.

  • Q What are the payment options?

    30% deposit ,the balance to be settled before shippment .If your order is large enough,payment terms can be negotiable.

  • Q What's your Mininum Order Qty (MOQ) do we need to order for a custom run?

    It depends on your bags size,printed or plain and material structure. If size small and printed, the quantity needed are slightly higher due to machine set up times. If bigger size and plain, the quantity is less.
  • Q May I have your Samples?

    Sure,usually available size,print samples are free,clients just response to freight .For customized samples charges is according to your bag size,print,Qty .

  • Q How long it takes for production?

    Customized orders takes 20 days, orders which need to add accessories like spout,valve,tin-tie and etc.takes 10 days more.

  • Q May I have my own logo printing?

    Yes, we are OEM company, customized designs are always welcome.

Design and Print Management Questions

  • Q Can DXC print Registered Matte Varnish (glossy & matte combined) ?

    Yes, DXC have rotogravure printing machines with glossy and matte combined printing technology.
  • Q Can I order a combo run of various SKU's to reduce my minimum order quantity of

    It depends on if some cylinders can be together used, pls send artworks to reference. 
  • Q How do you print my design?

    As long as you provide your design in software (Preferred Accepted:Adobe Illustrator - AI, EPS or PDF formats. All text and fonts converted to outlines;Corel Draw - Export files as AI. All text and fonts converted to curves;Freehand - Export files as EDITABLE EPS. All text and fonts converted to paths; Be sure to include all necessary linked images at high resolution in CMYK color mode) .Design that is at the exact imprint size desired, positioned correctly on the die line, with all fonts outlined, with colors properly separated.

  • Q What is the DXC printing technology and how to process?

    DXC can offer full colour printing services up to 9 colours using the latest printing methods Rotogravure, glossy and matte combined printing is available. After providing your artwork we will then break it down into separate colours identifying clearly where pantone colours and CMYK colours will be used and also bring to your attention any recommended changes and identify any potential problems. We can print edge to edge, in full colour, photo realisitic printing, transparency and even print on the inside of the packaging.

  • Q What should I budget for cylinder costs on my new design?

    The total cost of cylinders is dependent upon the number of colors and the size of the bag, Please ask to see DXC's cylinder policy. 

Film and Technical Packaging Questions

  • Q What basic information DXC need when recommending a film structure?

    Details of package content / Anticipated shelf life (current shelf life and new goal if desired) / Filling temperature / Post filling heat treatment including temperature, time, and pressure / Storage and shelf temperature (ambient, chilled, or frozen) / Any required features (printing, easy peel, easy tear, zipper, etc.)
  • Q What considerations should I factor into material selection?

    Exposure to extreme high and low temperatures during storage, shipping and general use, puncture resistance, aroma barrier, UV protection, and other factors all come into play when selecting an appropriate film structure to protect your product.  Please contact DXC for more information related to your specific product. 
  • Q Why is slip (control of COF) needed?

    Slip facilitates performance on packaging lines to ensure constant or smooth tracking and smooth operation.  When COF is too high or too low, the film will not run as it should. It needs to match the packaging machine COF specification.
  • Q What is OTR?

    Oxygen transmission rate is the rate at which oxygen permeates through a film at specific temperature and relative humidity conditions. It is measured in units of cc/110 in2/24 hr in the US standard units and by cc/m2/24 hr in metric units.
  • Q What is MVTR?

    Moisture vapor transmission rate is the rate at which water vapor will permeate through a film at specific conditions. It is measured in units of g/100 in2/24 hr in US standard units and by g/m2/24 hr in metric units.
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