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kraft paper stand up bags

Are you looking for stand up bags? We, a professional China packing bag supplier, provide customers with various stand up bags, the kraft paper stand up bag is one of them. Most of our kraft paper stand up bags with resealable zipper, with lining, and easy to tear open the mouth. The kraft paper stand up bags made of pure kraft paper, and some of them have a clear display box. This feature makes the kraft paper stand up bags become the best choice for product display. The kraft paper stand up bags have different colors, sizes and designs, it perfect for small items like candy, coffee, cookie, grain and more. The material of metallized stand up zipper pouches meets food safety, so you can rest assured put these food in it. Unique lining provide highest odor, airtight, moisture barrier. Zipper sealing design allows you repeatedly open and close the kraft paper stand up bags. If you are interesting in our custom kraft paper stand up bags, you can contact to us.

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