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Materials of Flat Bottom Bags

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The materials of flat bottom bags usually include paper, plastic, foil and cellophane. According to the features and types of your products, you should choose right materials for their packages. Otherwise, your product quality may be affected for the wrong sacks. Besides, a package which is appropriate for your good can attract your customers’ attention and inspire their willing to buy it, therefore realize the aim of increase sales.

If you have problems of what kind of materials should you choose, you can read this passage and know which material is best for your commodity. Have more questions? Please connect us and let us know, we are willing to help when you are in need.
The flat bottom paper bag is common in our daily life, it’s often used to store coffee, rice, cereals, snacks, bread, etc. 
Taking into account the flat bottom paper bags may be used for food packaging, the flat bottom paper bags are made of paper raw materials, it is environmentally friendly and healthy. The flat bottom Kraft bags also have high strength, big space, durability, it can provide a flawless range of application. The flat bottom paper bag has various colors, such as brown, black, blue, pink, white and so on. You don't have to worry about the bags getting wet, damp or ventilate, because the flat bottom paper bags have a good barrier, some of flat bottom paper bags also with zipper. 

Flat Bottom Cellophane Bags

The cellophane bags with flat bottom is usually made of 30 micron polypropylene (OPP) film, which makes it easy to fill.
 It is very popular for gifts and candies. It is applicable to all kinds of products, such as cosmetics, candles, thyme, wedding supplies, candy and dessert stores, including candy, cakes, hand-made chocolate and biscuits. But you should know that the flat bottom cellophane bags are not suitable for powder products, such as flour, which may leaks from the bottom. But it is perfect package for desserts and so on. If you want sealed bags, please choose liner bags.
Flat bottom foil bag provides one of the best barriers in packaging industry. The barriers can protect the content from oxygen, water, smell and other bad things. 
Most of flat bottom foil pouches with zipper, it is convenient to reopen the bags and sampling. The color of flat bottom foil sacks is various, of course, you can also custom the color you want. And some of them have single-sided clear, it can directly expose things inside the bag. Single clear flat bottom foil poke is a good choice for small food packaging. The best flat bottom foil bag will give you an excellent storage experience.
Most of the flat bottom plastic bags is made of new and environmental quality of materials, food grade bags allow you to store amounts of food for a long time.
Good material also makes the flat bottom plastic bags tear-proof, it has excellent moisture proof, protect contents against rare delicacy and pests. The side of some flat bottom poly bags have side organ, so it can hold more things than traditional package. As the bottom of plastic bags is flat, so it can stand by itself on the shelf. It looks beautiful and solid. Tearing open design makes the portable flat bottom plastic bags convenient for you to get and storage food. In order to meet different customer’s different need, you can custom various sizes.
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