Recyclable Packaging Solutions

DXC Recyclable Bags are made with level 4 recyclable LDPE or level 5 recyclable PP materials, they have been created to deliver the same protection of for your products as ordinary flexible packaging bags, ensuring your goods stay at optimum freshness.

Why Choose Recyclable Packaging?

    Recyclable packaging is that made of only one material which can be recycled, suitable for mechanical recycling where existing recycling systems are in place.

    The benefits of recyclable packaging are reflected in the followings.

DXC Recyclable Packaging Features

Duplex single polymer barrier laminate
Recyclable under code 4 LDPE / 5 PP
Standard and high barrier options available
Printed or unprinted pouch, bag, sachet and film format
Full coverage matt, gloss or spot matt varnish available
Suitable for the following applications: dried foods, seeds, cereals, frozen product, coffee, tea, pet food etc.

Recyclable Pouches Are the Future !

Recyclable pouches are becoming mainstream. Due to foreign and domestic pressures, as well as consumers’ demand for more earth-friendly options, countries are taking waste and recycling issues increasingly seriously and are always looking for viable solutions.

DXC Recyclable Pouches

    Our pouches are made from level 4 recyclable LDPE or level 5 recyclable PP materials.

    DXC recyclable barrier bag just only PE material and used EVOH coating on it for barrier function. EVOH is imported from Amcor, its OTR and WVTR both within 2.0, so it’s very close to Aluminum but eco-friendly.

Heat sealable

LDPE as heat seal layer, it has better temperature resistance and toughness, the temperature range that can be used is -50~120℃. It can withstand frozen and boiling water temperature and have a wider range of applications and more convenient for storage, transportation and use in marine, hotter environments.

Popular Types of Recyclable Pouches

Stand Up Pouches

Flat Bottom Pouches

Side Gusset Pouches

Custom Options

Frequently Ask Question

Our recyclable film has a moderate barrier to oxygen and moisture, most shelf-stable products are generally suitable for our recyclable pouches.

The entire pouch (including the zipper) is recyclable

A small temperature adjustment may be required for recyclable film, but a typical heat sealer will definitely seal these pouches.

Material structure BOPP / VMCPP, PE/VMPE have a metallised film, so if your packaging need light barrier, we suggest to choose this structure.

Sure! Shoot us an email for further information regarding our recyclable pouches- we’ll explain the nitty-gritty details.

You’ve probably noticed that many products have a number from 1- 7 inside the recycling symbol printed on the packaging. These numbers are categories of different materials commonly used for packaging, and help us determine which items we can recycle.