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DXC provides flexible packaging solutions and customization services, and is committed to developing sustainable packaging. Our products cover a wide range of industries, including coffee, food, pet food, nutrition and household, etc.

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Eco-friendly Packaging Solutions

DXC has invested in eco-friendly packaging research and development since 2017, and the materials purchased from world-renowned companies Futamura, Mitsubishi, Wipf, Amko etc.
Products included recyclable PE or PP, Compostable material, Recyclable paper etc.

Our commitment to compostable products: use truly compostable materials, the pursuit of environmental protection while ensuring the barrier properties of the packaging.

Recyclable packaging will continue to dominate eco packaging for a long time, because both in terms of price and functionality (bio materials can only pack light dry goods till now).

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Stand up Pouches
Flat Bottom Bags
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Slider Zipper Bags
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Product Applications

How you maintain the freshness of your coffee beans is crucial for coffee packaging bags.We offer the best materials and the highest quality one-way degassing valves for your coffee packaging, and each unique bag solution we offer is designed to meet and exceed your brand’s standards.

We offer a full range of bespoke pet food packaging solutions from small snack packs to large 25kg dry food packs to give your brand greater visual appeal, while providing customers with easy to use features such as slider zipper, side gusset handle, product window, flat bottom bag shape etc, which will make your pet food and treats stand out on the shelf.

The modern consumer is more health conscious than ever and has a huge range of nutritional products to choose from. DXC’s flexible packaging solutions can be tailored to your unique needs, whether you are looking for a single-serving solution or an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic pill bottles.

Dry Food

DXC offers a range of pre-made pouch products and bags, including stand-up pouches, side gusset pouches, flat bottom bags and more. DXC solutions can be tailor-made using a variety of bespoke features from press-to-close zippers to tear notches with complete laser scoring technology.


Our laminated materials effectively preserve herbs and spices, maximizing the shelf life of your products. Each spice pouch we make can also be custom printed and converted to match your branding requirements with additional features including powder-proof zippers, product windows, spouts and fitments.

Frozen Food

Busy families always need solutions to suit their on-the-go lifestyle and the versatility and simplicity of frozen food provides a solution for every meal. DXC’s wide choice of materials allows you to create unique frozen food bags that meet your branding needs and have eye-catching design capabilities.


Flexible packaging for cosmetics and personal care products not only enables your brand to create eye-catching packaging designs, but also reduces the negative impact on the environment through sustainable material choices. DXC has a wide range of flexible packaging solutions to meet your needs and help you stand out in the highly competitive cosmetics packaging market.

Household Goods

With years of experience in manufacturing bags for household products, DXC has focused on developing multi-layer, high-barrier laminated material constructions that are resistant to household cleaners and chemicals, while innovative packaging designs, convenient features and graphics help build consumer brand awareness.

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Wide Custom Options

Bag Type

By the end of 2022, our factory has total 23 bag-making machines, covering basically all the bag types available on the market. DXC bag types included:

• Flat bottom Bags ,Box bottom bag

• Stand Up Pouches ,Doypack ,Spout Pouches

• Side gusset bags ,Quad seal bags ,Corner seal bags

• Shaped pouch ,Flat pouch ,Three sides seal pouch


Our bag making machines are highly adaptive and can not only do standard capacity (sizes) like 250g, 500g, 1kg, but customized smaller capacity like 1g and larger capacity like 30kg are welcome.

• Capacity is the most essential element and it is the basis for the choice of material and thickness.

•  We will recommend the suitable sizes base on the contents and capacity as well as sending you samples for testing.


We are currently equipped with Three 10-colour gravure presses and an HP Indigo 20000 digital press, and  flexo machines will be introduced in 2023 to accommodate the printing needs of different materials.

• Extensive experience in paper, matte finished, recyclable PE, compostable cellulose printing.

• Urgent and small-batch orders are fitted by digital press.

• Normal and large quantity orders are fitted by gravure presses for cheaper price.

• Special printing request like paper touch feeling, soft touch feeling and more are welcome.


In addition to the classic materials, since 2018 we are committed to developing metal-free and eco friendly packaging, which  already represent more than 50% of our products in 2022.

• Classic plastic laminated

 Alu foil-plastic laminated

• Paper-alu foil-plastic laminated

• Metal-free packaging

• Eco-friendly packaging


• Slider Zipper: mostly used on 10-25 KG heavy duty packaging.

• Powder Proof Zipper: will not be affected by loose particles getting caught in the micro hooks.

Pocket Zipper: products can be filled past the zipper without becoming trapped in the zipper tracks.

• One-way Degassing Valve: designed to allow air pressure to exit from inside the package while preventing air from entering. Because freshly roasted coffee beans release CO₂, valves allow roasters to package their products immediately without worry of the coffee bag bursting. 

• Tin Tie:  the popular complimentary accessory for use with side gusseted coffee bags.   


Custom windows on paper

• Hot Stamping Printing

• Laser Score

• Euro slot or Round punched hole

• Punch Out Handle

• Side Gusset Handle

• Micro-Perforations

• Seals and Tack Seals

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      DXC have implemented “5S” site management to improve the level of management, while strictly monitoring the quality, attaching great importance to technical services and new product development. At present, we have obtained ISO22000, BRC (Grade A), FSC, GRS certifications, as well as a number of product patents and packaging certifications for raw materials.


      DXC attaches great importance to attending large industry exhibitions to understand global packaging market trends and to gain a deeper understanding of customer needs through face-to-face communication.

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