Custom Flexible Packaging Manufacturer since 2005

DXC PACK specializes in the production of custom flexible packaging bags and films for coffee, tea, pet food, personal care, food, agricultural, chemical and other markets.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Recyclable and Compostable packaging will be the future of the world, we are doing our best to work with environmental protection customers to protection our planet.


DXC offers a wide range of mono-material recyclable packaging solutions made of paper, PE or PP with EVOH PVA, AlOx coatings for excellent barier properties since 2016.


DXC’s compostable packagings are certified for home and industrial compostability, which materials are made of Cellulose films, PBS, PLA, Barrier paper.

How We Boost Your Business

Our Focus

Flexible packaging for coffee, tea, pet food, personal care, ag/chemical,etc.


Top quality flexible packaging bags at affordable and fair prices.

No Minimum Order

Provide custom flexible packaging solutions for any-sized business.

Quality Accreditation

Stringent quality procedures and are ISO22000 and BRC certified.


12,000 square-meter self-built purification factory with 3 production lines.



Stand up Pouch

Stand-up pouch, also known as doypack, it has a horizontal support structure at the bottom and can stand up whether it is open or not.

Flat Bottom Pouch

There are five sides of the flat bottom pouch, each side can be printed, and the text or pattern can be displayed in full.

Side Gusset Pouch

Side gusset pouch is formed by folding the edges of both sides of the flat bag into the inner surface of the bag, while the bag takes up less space.

Three Side Sealed Pouch

Three side seal bags are sealed on three sides, leaving only one opening for the user to fill the product. Vacuum bags are usually three side seal bags, because its airtightness is the best.

Child-resistant Bag

Bags with child-resistant zipper help inhibit children from accessing the product while allowing adults to repeatedly open and close the bag.

Compostable Block Bottom Bag

The rectangular base and side gussets allow the bag to stand well on its own. Block bottom bags are perfect as display bags or gift bags while being friendly to the environment.

Spout Pouch

Spout pouch is developed on the basis of stand-up pouch, generally made of different composite materials, its biggest advantage is portability.

Slider Zipper Bag

Slider zipper bag  is generally larger in size and easily to be  opened and closed, the goods can be packed quickly.

Roll Film

Roll film is applied to automatic packaging machinery and requires only a one-time sealing operation at the manufacturing facility. It is the first choice for small packaging.

Special Features

We offer special features and accessories customization to meet your different packaging needs and make your packaging stand out in the market.

Side Gusset Handle 
Hot Stamping
Die-cut Window
Laser Score
Frosted Touch 
Paper Touch
Soft Touch 
Glitter Silver Film
Brush Silver film

Popular Applications

Flexible packaging is the packaging of choice for many industries because of its convenience, aesthetics, customizability and sustainability. The following are some of the popular industries for flexible packaging.

Pet Food
Personal Care

Who We Are

Established in 2005, DXC Packaging is an innovative OEM flexible packaging manufacturer for four main industries: food, pet food, nutrition and household. DXC is committed to environmentally friendly flexible packaging production, particularly recyclable and compostable pouches and bags, and has achieved BRC, ISO22000 and FSC management system certifications.

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In Partnership with

In order to provide our customers with stable, high quality customized flexible packaging, we are committed to building good and long-term relationships with our suppliers and customers to achieve a win-win situation for all parties.