Custom Cannabis Bags Manufacturer

All bag types of canncabis bags are available, small pouches start with 100pcs

with digitally printed.

DXC Pack Cannabis Bags

DXC PACK can customize all types of cannabis packaging for your medical cannabis business. If you are new to the cannabis industry, we offer digitally printed cannabis bags starting at 100 pieces. 

  • Safety design with child resistant zipper
  • High barrier and smell proof
  • Support a variety of bag types, sizes and colors customization.
  • 2-5 layers of composite materials
  • Sustainable cannabis bags are available for custom tailoring.
  • Free cannabis bag samples
  • Provides services from design review to global delivery.


Customized cannabis bags can showcase the unique logos and images of major brands, which is extremely valuable for brand promotion and publicity.

Cannabis Bag with CR Zipper

The child proof zipper has a privacy protection function, and this design can not only prevent minors from accidentally eating cannabis , but also improve the practicality of the cannabis bag.
It is suitable for a variety of different occasions. In travel or outdoor activities, the child proof bag can also prevent cannabis from being damaged by rain or other external factors.

Aluminum Foil Cannabis Bags

Aluminum foil cannabis bags are wrapped with layers of aluminum foil on the inside, which provides very good resistance to moisture and oxygen. This is very important for cannabis, which is susceptible to moisture and oxidation. For example, for cannabis’s dryness, color, smell and other aspects of protection, aluminum foil cannabis bags have a very good guarantee.  Aluminum foil cannabis bags adopt an opaque design, which can effectively protect the privacy and security of the items inside the bag.

Exotic Cannabis bags

Unlike ordinary bags, exotic cannabis mylar bags can increase the consumer’s sense of pleasure and freshness. Unique brand ideas, logos, consumer favorite tobacco strains, exotic flavors, etc. can be printed on your bags.

Smell Proof Cannabis bag

High barrier smell proof bags can maintain the unique odor in cannabis, are easy to carry and store, can effectively protect the quality and freshness of cannabis, as well as prevent the production of bacteria and mold, and are the best cannabis storage bags. In addition, cannabis smell proof bags also have environmental advantages, recyclable and reduce plastic pollution. The features of cannabis bags make them a reliable choice for pharmaceutical packaging and are favored by many pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers.

Blank Cannabis Bag

Compared to printed cannabis bags, blank cannabis bags are more environmentally friendly because they use less printing paint and chemicals, and they are cheaper to make and more efficient to produce. Although blanks cannabis bags do not have a printed design, they have a great texture and color that matches the modern aesthetic of the public.

Clear Cannabis Bags

Clear bags can ensure that consumers purchase products that meet their expectations, as the cannabis inside the bag can be displayed directly, allowing consumers to clearly see the appearance and quality before purchasing. Clear bags can provide better protection and security for cannabis, and the outside of the bag can be printed with logos, brands, marketing information, etc.

Multiple Printing Methods

Flexographic and gravure printing can provide high quality printed images and color effects for high volume production. Compared to traditional printing, digital printing technology is fast and efficient, while reducing restrictions on the design of cannabis bags to meet the needs of small batch customization. Customers can more freely customize their desired bags to achieve a personalized effect.

High Barrier

The cannabis bags are made of a 2-5 layer material composite including plastic, aluminum foil, paper, recyclable, PCR, biodegradable and compostable materials. The barrier plastic has moisture-proof properties, extending the storage cycle of cannabis, while the aluminum foil has an extremely strong light-blocking ability, protecting the quality and taste of cannabis. Besides, the sustainable features of cannabis packaging also meet the growing awareness of environmental protection.

Cannabis Ziplock Bags

The zipper is a very practical design that features the ability to repeatedly open and close the bag for ease of use and to ensure that cannabis are not contaminated by the outside world.

We hope more people can choose bags with childproof zippers and maintain excellent usage habits in the process of using them, for their own and others’ health and safety.

Matte and Glossy Finishes

Matte finish packaging do not reflect light due to their smooth surface, making them suitable for packaging with rich printing colors and beautiful patterns. In addition, matte finish packaging can effectively block or reduce fingerprints or stains on the surface of the product and protect the character of marijuana.

Glossy finish packaging are suitable for marketing and display because their glossy feel and transparency make the packaging more aesthetically pleasing.

Popular Cannabis Bag Type

Stand up pouches have exceptional shelf appeal, making them stand out on dispensary shelves. They provide ample surface area for branding and labeling, making them an excellent choice for building brand awareness. They can be made from a variety of materials, including to provide varying degrees of moisture, light and oxidation resistance, and they can be fitted with child-resistant zippers. In summary, stand up pouches have become the best choice for packaging cannabis.

Sustainable Cannabis Packaging

Recyclable, recycled, compostable and biodegradable packaging are a viable option for sustainable packaging. As consumers, it is important to choose products that are consistent with our sustainability values and reduce our impact on the environment. The customization options for eco-friendly cannabis bags are equally diverse and no different from regular plastic cannabis bags.

Frequently Asked Question!

Cannabis bags are waterproof, aroma-preserving and UV-resistant, which guarantee the quality and duration of use of the items. It has a wide range of packaging uses for herbs, cannabis, health supplements and pharmaceuticals.

The size of custom cannabis bag depends on your needs and the most popular cannabis bag size is 0.7oz to 1 lb.

DXC customized cannabis bags are made of 2-5 layers of composite materials, classic materials include PP, PE, PET, NY, AL, sustainable materials include paper, PCR, mono PE, mono PP, cellulose, PLA, PBS.

Custom cannabis bags start at 100 pieces for digital printing and 10,000 pieces for gravure printing.