Paper Packaging Solutions

Custom 100% Paper and Laminated Paper 

Paper packaging has become the first choice for environmentally friendly packaging. In addition to 100% paper, paper can be laminated with biodegradable and other classic material films, enabling better product protection, storage and transportation for a wider range of applications. DXC paper packagings have been widely used in coffee, pet food, food, personal care, etc. Paper bags can be made into different types to meet the different needs of customers.

Flat Bottom Pouches
Stand up Pouches
Three Side Sealed Pouches
Side Gusset pouches
Spout Pouches
Roll Film

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Boost Your Company With Custom Paper Packaging

High Quality Paper

DXC’s kraft paper is sourced from DAIO paper, which is of high quality and FSC certified. More choices of eco friendly paper, such as striped paper, cotton paper, and barrier paper can be customized. Different kinds of papers are available to meet customers’ different printing effect requirements.

Paper Packaging Color

Surface printing on paper is available, and DXC supports up to 12 custom colors for gravure printing and no color restrictions for digital printing. And a variety of colors of kraft paper are available for your choice, such as

• White kraft paper

• Brown kraft paper

• Black kraft paper

Paper Packaging Bag Features

The composite materials with different functions can be customized to make the bags with good sealing and barrier properties, which can not only block water vapor, gas, grease, dust, but also prevent insects, static electricity and mildew, etc.

• Different window shapes can be customized.

• Easy open cuts, such as tear notches and laser score.

• Hot stamping and logo printing are available.

Paper Packaging Bag Accessories

We provide a variety of zipper options including velcro zipper, powder-free zipper and pocket zipper. And special accessories like valve, flip cap, handle as well as tin tie are also available.

Innovative Paper Packaging Solutions

Paper packaging bag solutions are tailored to your needs and include the latest recyclable, biodegradable solutions. And by laminating paper and film, more paper packaging functions can be achieved. 

Common paper packaging bag lamination structure:

• Foil lined to protect contents against UV light and increase shelf life structure include PAP / AL / PE(CPP), PAP / VMPET / PE(CPP).

• 100% recyclable plastic with a high oxygen barrier include PAP / AlOx PET / PE(CPP), PAP / EVOH / PE, PAP / BOPA / PE.

• 100% recyclable plastic common structure for retailing small items include PAP / PE(CPP), PAP / PET / PE(CPP)

• 100% Biodegradable high oxygen barrier paper bag structure include NK/NKME/PBS/PLA.

• 10kg to 25kg heavy paper laminated packaging structure include PAP / BOPA / PE, PAP / AL / BOPA / PE, PAP / VMPET / BOPA / PE.

Why Pick DXC Paper Packaging?

DXC is the leading manufacturer of paper flexible packaging in China. If you are still looking for high quality packaging solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us , we are well-equipped to provide the right custom packaging solution for your product.

Design Advice

Our professional team will help you review the drawings, make design suggestions, and send samples for you to test to make sure you get the packagings you want.

Stable and streamlined supply chain

We have long-term cooperation with well-known raw material suppliers, whose quality is high and stable. Since we have 3 complete production lines, our products are made in-house from printing to bag making, shortening the lengthy manufacturing supply chain.

Warehousing and Inventory Solutions

We have an independent warehouse and inventory management system. If your demand is stable, we will prepare the goods for you in advance without worrying about delivery time and storage.


We support global shipping with a variety of shipping options available, including ocean and air freight. We are committed to developing shipping channels that better suit your needs to reduce your shipping costs and time.