Custom Personal Care

Custom Personal Care

DXC Packaging provides flexible packaging solutions and customized 

services for cosmetics, toiletries, household products, kitchen and bathroom 

products, medical products and more.

Why Choose Flexible Packaging for Personal Care Products ?

The consumer market for personal care products is huge and consumers are increasingly concerned about the sophistication and attractiveness of product packaging. Therefore, packaging is the key to brand perception. DXC has been committed to producing innovative, high-quality flexible packaging and providing a wide range of personal care packaging solutions to meet customer needs.

Wide Usage of Flexible Pakcaing
in Personal Care Products?

Our packaging is mainly used in daily-used products, hair beauty products, medical products and other industries. If you are still looking for the right packaging for your products, contact us now for a complete packaging solution and samples can be provided for your testing.

Cleaning & Washing

Common Personal Care Packaging Bag Type

There are several choices of bag type for your personal care packaging, such as spout pouches, stand up pouches and three side sealed pouches.Whether it is liquid packaging or solid packaging, we can provide you with the right flexible packaging solution.

Spout Pouches

Spout pouches are the ideal packaging method for daily chemical products and food liquids. They are stable,shelf friendly and eco-friendly as they can be reusable. Our Spout pouches are lightweight and easy to transportation. Spout pouches provide zero leakage and also provide high resistance from puncture.

Stand up Pouches

Stand-up pouches are a relatively new form of packaging, which holds advantages in many aspects such as upgrading products, strengthening the visual effect of shelves, carrying light, convenient use, freshness and sealability.

Three Side Sealed Pouches

Three-side-sealed bag is a three-side seal, leaving only one side open for the merchant to pack the product. The airtightness of the three-side sealed bag is the best, and the vacuum bag must usually be made in this way. It not only prevents product spoilage and decay, but is also very aesthetically pleasing.

Customized Services


Customized materials according to customer requirements, for example: PP, PE, aluminum foil, kraft paper, eco-friendly material includes compostable and recyclable.


Support digital printing , graveure printing. And it is up to 12 colors of gravure printing.

Support matte or glossy effect, matte or glossy mixed, based on customer’s artwork.

Customization especially for spout pouches

We have access to a large variety of spouts and fitments for liquids, powders, gels, and granulates.

Support Different sizes and types of caps plus spouts

Anti–choking caps for baby or toddlers

Tamper evident rings

Shaped pouch

Handles to facilitate easy pouring and modern shapes

Spout pouch typically packs sizes range from around 300mls to 5 litres, but larger pouches are available.