Metal Free Packaging

Metal free means that packaging bags are without aluminum foil. Metal free packaging 

is widely used in food and nonfood industry, include coffee, pet food, nuts, spices, 

tea, snacks, dry fruits, medical products, liquid, etc.. 

Metal Free Packaging Solutions

Metal free means that packaging bags are without aluminum foil. Metal free packaging is widely used in food and nonfood industry, include coffee, pet food, nuts, spices, tea, snacks, dry fruits, medical products, liquid, etc.. 

Why Choose DXC's Metal Free Packaging

DXC Packaging has been developing metal-free bags with oxygen and moisture barrier function since 2017, and we are the first manufacturer in China to produce metal-free high-barrier bags. We offer metal-free packaging solutions ranging from normal barrier to high barrier bags which can also be baked and microwaved.

Custom Options

Bag Type

  We offer a wide options of bag type for metal free packaging. Stand up pouches, flat bottom pouches, spout pouches, laminated film rolls, quad sealed pouches are all available. And the capacity for each type of bags can be customized.


  DXC Packaing supports gravure and digital printing. Gravure printing in up to 12 colors and printing accuracy achieves 99.9%. Glossy, matte, matte mixed glossy and hot stamping print are available.


  There are several choices of material for metal free packaging, such as PE, PP, PET, NY,  AL2O3, EVOH and kraft paper.


  Depending on your different needs, DXC Packaging offers the following accessories customization.

  Transparent windows with oxygen and moisture barriers, hand holes, tear notch, zipper, round corner, etc..

Choose the Right Bag for Your Product

Pouches for Short Shelf-life, Fast Selling Products

Usually, packaging of short shelf life and fast selling products , you can choose PET, LDPE, CPP, Matt BOPP, LDPE with normal barrier grade.


PET/LDPE has excellent printing effect and supports glossy or matte mixed glossy surface printing. Thickness ranges from 60 to 250 microns. After several tests, our bags can be baked at 200°C in 2 hours and microwaved at 230°C in 1 hour. And DXC Packaging offers multiple grades of anti-skid technology that solve the problem of palletizing or satisfied your specific C.O.F..


Matte BOPP/PET/LDPE can be customized with 100% matte surface and excellent printing effect. The thickness is in the range of 80 to 270 microns. The melting point of matte BOPP is relatively low and the recommended heating temperature is about 177°C.
All bags we produce are 100% smooth surface without any winkle.


BOPP and CPP has excellent transparency and can provide a high level of aesthetic appeal to your product packaging. And it is eco-friendly and belongs to recycle PP 5, which is 100% recyclable.
This recyclable structure can be used in liquid packaging or spout pouches. The thickness ranges from 60~170 microns. Recommended heatseal temperature ranges from 150~170°F while package liquids ranging from temperature from frozen to 185°F.


LDPE belongs to recycle LDPE 4 and it is 100% recyclable. LDPE can be directly printed, and glossy, matte, matte mixed glossy print are available. The great benift of LDPE is that it can be applied in special rough surface(paper feeling). LDPE/LDPE’s thickness ranges from 110~200 microns, and its recommended heatseal temperature is from 150~170°F.

Pouches for Products that Need to be Kept Fresh for A Long Time

AL2O3 , EVOH-PE has superior barrier properties to help you achieve long-term preservation of your products. 


AL2O3 is a true high barrier flexible packaging material with transparency, which makes the transparent window also with oxygen and moisture barrier. AL2O3 coating is a thin, highly transparent alumina coating applied to the packaging film, giving the material extremely high moisture and gas barrier properties comparable to aluminum foil and metalized films.

• Using certified top-grade AL2O3 PET film, OTR reach 1.14, WVTR reach 1.47 , making the packaging up to 10kg+ capacity.

EVOH is a clear coating on PE. EVOH has excellent barrier properties to gases such as oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide, making it particularly suitable for packaging food, medical, cosmetics and other perishable or fragile products to extend shelf life.

• Using certified EVOH-PE from Amcor, OTR reach 0.96, WVTR reach 1.22

Pouches for High Weight or High Risk of Leakage Products

PET/NY/PE have medium barrier properties.

NY has excellent puncture resistance when laminated with PE, so it is a key material for some products with high weight or high risk of leakage, such as pet food packaging and liquid packaging over 10 kg.


Metal Free Kraft Paper Packaing

DXC ‘s metal-free kraft paper bags and kraft paper film rolls are FSC certified and made from a variety of imported papers such as natural kraft paper and smooth kraft paper, so that can meet customers’ different printing effect requirements.


Natural Kraft Paper

Natural kraft paper has the most natural surface and it not only allows surface printing, but also supports foil printing. The types of natural kraft paper include brown kraft paper, white kraft paper and black kraft paper.


Smooth Kraft Paper

Smooth kraft paper has the smoothest surface to achieve good printing effect, and up to 12 colors can be printed on the surface in gravure printing. Meanwhile, smooth kraft paper can support hot stamping printing. Types of smooth kraft paper include brown kraft paper and white kraft paper.


Waterproof function

Kraft paper can be laminated with PE, PP, PET, NY,   AL2O3, EVOH to achieve waterproof function.