Nutritional Supplements

Why Choose Flexible Packaging for Nutritional Supplements ?

Packaging for protein powders and supplements has traditionally focused on large plastic tubs. But now new flexible packaging solutions are making waves and are increasingly becoming the first choice of packagers and consumers. DXC offers the suitable solution for all your sports nutrition packaging needs, from stand up pouches to flat bottom bags as well as plastic or kraft laminated films.

What Nutritional Supplements
are Our Bags Suitable for?

Nutritional supplement mainly include protein powders, health supplements and nutritional bars. No matter which type of product you have, our bags and laminated roll films are suitable.

Protein Powders
health supplement
Health Supplements
nutrition bar
Nutrition Bars

Custom Options

Matte, shiny, paper, or a combination appearance options.
Excellent moisture resistance and sealing properties for maintaining product freshness.
Available in both gravure and digital printing, it is available in a variety of colors including Pantone, Metallic, Neon and Hot Gold.
Various zipper types like Velcro zipper, Powder-free zipper, Pocket zipper are available.
Support transparent window customization.
Easy open cuts (tear notches and laser score).
Can be made into almost any shape.

Common Nutritional Supplements Packaging Bag Type

There are three main types of nutrition packaging commonly used: flat bottom bags, slider zipper bags or velcro zipper bags and stand-up pouches. Of course, if you need other bag types, you can contact us for more details.

Flat Bottom Bags

The Flat Bottom Bag (also known as the “Block Bottom Bag”) utilizes all the best features of stand-up pouches and quad-seal bags, and it gives you 360 degrees of space to print your company information, logo, feeding instructions, and more. Whether the bag is standing up or lying flat, block bottom bags give your product attention at every angle.

Slider Zipper / Velcro Zipper Bags

Slider zipper or velcro zipper bags are suitable for heavy duty powder packaging. From 10kg to 20kg nutritional bags can be produced in our factory with slider zippers, powder proof zippers and velcro zippers. Our bags support multiple printing methods, different material structure customization, etc. to meet your requirements for quality, protection and attractiveness.

Stand Up Pouches

Stand up pouches provides consumers with market-friendly features like zipper reclosure, tear notches, the versatility of hang hole features, strong shelf presence.