How to Customize A Coffee Bag?

How to Customize A Coffee Bag?

    Coffee flexbile packaging is becoming more and more popular among coffee roasters and brands because of its economy and environmental friendliness. Coffee packaging is generally made of 2 to 5 layers composite structure and is commonly used to package roasted coffee beans, grind coffee and instant coffee.

What Factors Need to Be Considered to Customize A Coffee Bag?

Coffee Packaging Design

You can work with a designer to help you design your coffee bag and logo or you can choose a template and designed by yourself. Of course, it is also feasible to choose a blank unprinted coffee bag for simple labeling.

Printing Method

Choose the right printing method according to your budget, quantity and lead time. There are three printing methods : gravure, flexographic and digital printing. Gravure printing requires the payment of cylinder charges and is suitable for high volume production. Digital printing supports small batches and fast production.

Bag Type

Different bag types have different capacities and designs. Common coffee packaging bag types include stand up pouches, flat bottom bags, side gusset bags, three sided sealed bags and roll films. In addition to roll films, other bag types are pre-made bags, and roll films need to be used with automatic packaging machine.


In order not to affect the flavor and quality of coffee beans or grind coffee, the choice of coffee packaging materials need to consider the light blocking, barrier, air tightness, etc.. Commonly used materials are plastic, paper, aluminum foil, recyclable, biodegradable.


Simple and easy to use coffee bags can bring great customer experience. Laser score can facilitate customer to open the package, while zipper and tin ties support the coffee bag to be repeatedly opened and closed.

Special Surface Finishes

Special finishes can not only give coffee packaging an outstanding appearance, but also leave a lasting impression on consumers. Special surface finishes include matte, shiny, soft touch, frosted touch , paper touch , hot stamping, glitter silver film as well as brush silver film.

One-way Degassing Valve

One-way degassing valve is an essential accessory for coffee packaging. Freshly roasted coffee beans will produce a large amount of gas (mainly carbon dioxide), which will not only affect the quality of the coffee beans, but also make the bag swell and create the risk of rupture. One-way valve can ensure the effective discharge of gas from the coffee bag without affecting the quality of coffee beans. The one-way valves used for packaging coffee beans and grind coffee are different.


Where to Customize

DXC has been in the custom coffee packaging industry since 2005 and is a GRS, ISO22000 and FSC certified manufacturer in China. We have a wide range of custom cases and can provide you with a full range of sustainable coffee packaging solutions.

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